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Introducing CourseEval HQ!

If you are in need of a great application to conduct confidential and anonymous online course evaluations right in your Canvas LMS instance, that produces high response rates, look no further! 

Installed in just a few minutes, CourseEval HQ sits in your Canvas LMS, in your Account page.  

From there, it enables you to:

  • create evaluation surveys from pre-configured Likert-scale or custom questions
  • distribute evaluations to one or many courses from a single page
  • automatically notify students and instructors via Canvas Conversations about the process
  • add observers to courses for formal classroom observations
  • download response rates across all the courses evaluated
  • automatically distribute evaluation results

and much more. 

It is fully integrated with Canvas and easy to use! Fast and efficient. Reduces administrative time.

For more details on functionality, see: http://etudes.org/products/courseevalhq/ 
If you are interested in conducting a free 60-day pilot this term, contact us at CourseEval HQ@etudes.org

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