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About the Name

Etudes Classic was a pioneer course management system, based on C and C++, inspired and developed by Michael Loceff, computer science professor at Foothill College, in 1994.

What about the Etudes name? (pronounced A-tudes)

"I tried to capture the concept of 'easy' and started from there. Easy to Use, Etu ... Then I remembered my piano lessons as a child, Etudes. An etude (from the French word étude meaning "study") is a short musical composition designed to provide practice in a particular technical skill in the performance of a solo instrument. A learning management system for studying... and the name was born." -- Michael Loceff, Developer of Etudes Classic

Etudes Classic served colleges for a decade. It was retired in June of 2007.

The Etudes team adopted the Sakai platform in 2004, and has been building tools upon the Sakai framework and core tools since then, with a goal of meeting the unique needs of its members. Etudes-NG (next generation) was launched in January of 2005 and was adopted by all Etudes member institutions.

As of May 21, 2008, Etudes, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3), public charity organization that leads open source development and offers e-learning services to higher education institutions. The corporation now supports over 350,000 student enrollments annually, and 2600 instructors.



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