Accessing Student Work from Gradebook

The Etudes team is pleased to announce a couple of enhancements to the new gradebook.

  • In the detailed individual student view, you can now click on an icon and go to a student’s submission (or posts), directly from the gradebook.

    To get to the individual student view, click on the Gradebook >> Click on Student Grades >> and then on a student’s name. In the resulting page, you can see all of a student’s work in one page, and you can now go directly to each graded assessment by clicking on the graded icon (see below). You can also click on Export to CSV to download a particular student’s detailed scores and submission dates in one spreadsheet file.

instructor's student view of gradebook


  • Like instructors, students can go directly to their submissions from the gradebook, and they can view what they submitted, their scores and your feedback. Their view of the gradebook looks like the below example.

student's view of gradebook

For more information on the Individual Student View of the gradebook, see:

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