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January 08, 2016 by

Two New Cool Etudes Gradebook Features!

The Etudes Team welcomes you to 2016 with two new, great features, released onto Etudes this morning!

  1. Ability to record ‘notes’ about students in the gradebook.

This feature allows instructors to jot down notes on individual students (i.e. “Mary needs extra help; gave her 3 excuses thus far; suspect cheating on mid-term” and the like). The ‘notes’ are not visible to students. 

Click on the notes icon by a student’s name to enter notes for him or her. You can see if you’ve added notes for a student as the icon changes slightly to indicate content (text).

record notes about students

Access to view, edit, or add “notes” for students is conveniently available in ALL gradebook views where you see student names. In the individual student page, a link to notes is at the menu. A date stamp and the name of the instructor who added or updated the notes last is shown.

If you’ve recorded notes for students, they will be included in the CSV exported files. This allows you to have an external backup of all of your notes along with the grades for your classes.

  1. Ability to send Private Messages to students directly from the gradebook

As you review students’ performance in the gradebook, you may need to send them a private message (PM) to praise them on their work or to alert them for missing work.

You now have the ability to send Private Messages to students from every page in the gradebook: detailed assessment view, itemized grades, overall grades, and the individual student views. Just click on the mail icon to the right of a student’s name and send them a private message.

Send private message

The private messages that you send can be found in your “Sent” folder under Private Messages and in the student’s Private Messages in-box.

If you have any questions on either of the above features, please reach out to us in the Users Group support forums.

Both of these features were requested by faculty during the gradebook requirements gathering process. Many thanks to Murthy Tanniru and Rashmi Maheshwari for their great work developing and enhancing the Etudes gradebook.

Enjoy! Happy New Year!

Etudes Team 

Software Releases
December 22, 2015 by

Etudes Release

New Features


  1. Ability for instructors to access and regrade students’ graded and released submissions directly from the gradebook.

    To access a student’s graded submission from the gradebook, just click on the “graded” icon by a student’s score (in the assessment page or an individual student’s summary). You will be taken to the submission in AT&S or Discussions. After you regrade it and click on Done, you will be returned to the gradebook. 

    regrade assessment

  2. Ability for instructors to view and grade ALL submissions for each student from the gradebook (not just the graded and released ones). 

If you allow multiple tries in an assessment, you can access all submissions for it from the gradebook. Click on the title of the assessment in the Overview page of the gradebook, and then click on “View or Grade All Submissions”. 

view and grade all submissions from the gradebook

This will allow you to view all student submissions – graded, released or unreleased, and in-progress. From this view, you can enter or adjust scores for student submissions and release the scores. You may also click on the graded icon to go directly to a student’s submission in AT&S or Discussions to review it, add feedback and a grade. Upon clicking on Done, you are returned back to the gradebook. 

grade and release assessments from the gradebook

You can also view, access and (re)grade ALL submissions for a specific student from the individual student grades page. Click on Itemized or Overall Grades, and then click on a student’s name to view all of his or her work. Click on “View or Grade All Submissions” to access them, score them, and release them. 

When entering or adjusting scores from the gradebook, the scores are updated in AT&S or Discussions at the same time, automatically. 

  1. Ability for students to access “Review” and read instructor comments directly from the gradebook. As students often race to the gradebook first, this will ensure that more of them read your comments.

    Ability to access review from gradebook
    Review is now accessible from Course Map, AT&S, Discussions, Home Page and the Gradebook. 

  2. Ability for instructors to also see what items students have access to review from their gradebook. To check if review is enabled for your students, click on Overall or Itemized Grades and then click on a student’s name. This is the same view as that of the student’s. The only difference is that instructors have a graded icon that allows you to access the student’s submission and re-grade it.

    Ability to see if review is enabled for a student

  3. Non-submissions of closed assessments are treated as 0’s in gradebook, even when the setting is ‘released assessments only’. This means that you no longer have to assign 0’s to non-submissions manually! If an assessment is closed, Etudes will treat non-submissions as 0’s when calculating the grade-to-date. You can continue to assign 0’s in AT&S or Discussions for non-submissions, if you want, but it is not required to show an accurate grade-to-date in the gradebook.


Implemented “hide until open” functionality in Modules. Click on the title of a module to access its properties, check “Hide Until Open” and click on Save. 

check to hide a module

Requested by Sheldon Burgh, West Los Angeles College (Sept. 2015).


Ability to archive and restore announcements.

Archive and Restore Announcements

If you won’t use some of your announcements during a term, you can archive them and get them out of your way. Archived announcements get copied with import from site. You won’t lose them. 

Archived announcements don’t participate in the ‘base date’ feature. If you have old announcements that you won’t use, archive them before running base date. This way, the old dates won’t interfere with base date.

You can preview and restore archived announcements and bring them to your active list at any time, Restored announcements come in as drafts.

Requested by Suzanne Floyd, West Los Angeles College (October 2015). 



The “Student Grades” page that enabled you to get to itemized grades or overall grades via a radio button toggle has been split into two separate pages, and are now easily accessible from the menu: 

student grades
Requested by Cherine Trombley, Los Angeles Valley College (October 2015).

Discussions & PM

Redesigned the “bcc user” interface. When replying to private messages, click on “Add bcc user” if you want to blind copy others on your message.

Bcc user

Previously, the entire class list was loaded in a bcc field automatically, regardless if you were planning to use it or not. This change improves performance when replying to private messages in sites with very large enrollments, such as the Users Group. Requested by Vivie Sinou. 😉


If auto-numbering is enabled in your Module preferences, the module and section numbers are now displayed in the author views to make it easier to keep track of what content you are revising.  

show numbering in authoring

Requested by Lucy Blake, West Los Angeles College (September 2015).

Course Map

Inclusion of “hide until open” items in Course Map, much like it’s done in the gradebook, so that students have a complete list of the class work. The items are not accessible. They are listed with their future dates. 

Requested by Jim Marteney Los Angeles Valley College, and Karl Peter, Foothill College (October, 2015). 


  1.  Title of assessment gets cuts off in the pop-up of the rightmost item, under Itemized Grades of the gradebook. Long titles now wrap and the point value is shown more clearly in the redesigned popup. 

    assessment details popup
    Reported by Michael Loceff, Foothill College (November 2015)
  2. Added white space below empty categories in the gradebook to make it easier to recognize that you can drag items under them.

    move into empty categories

    Reported by Karl Peter, Foothill College and Etudes User Support Specialist/Trainer, October 2015.


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Software Releases