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Etudes 101 – Introduction to Etudes

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This online training course offers an overview of Etudes. You will go through a step-by-step process to learn the basic tools and core features of Etudes to deliver online classes or to support traditional classes. You will read select tutorials, apply the skills taught in a practice site, and reflect on your learning.

The course is self-paced. Daily login is recommended. You may log on whenever you can.Upon satisfactory completion of the training (75% of the required tasks), participants get certified in Etudes.

Course Dates: Dec. 5 – 18, 2016 (online)
Facilitator:  Karl Peter & Riba Taylor
Advisory: This training course is for instructors and support staff. Teaching Experience Recommended

Registration: Register Now
Cost: $75.00

Registration closes on Dec 2, at 5pm.


Advanced Uses of Assignments, Tests and Surveys

  In this course, you will gain deeper understanding of the features, functionality, and settings of Assignments, Tests, and Surveys. Topics include mixing random, manual select and survey questions in assessments, using parts, best uses of the different question types, importing question pools, using the summary of data to improve the course, using surveys for Classroom Assessment Techniques, and efficient grading workflows and strategies.

Course Dates: Next session not yet scheduled
Facilitator: Margie White
Advisory: Teaching Experience Recommended

Registration: TBD
Limit: 35 students
Cost: FREE for Etudes members* 
       $45.00 non-members


Exploring Etudes Discussions: From Basics to Advanced Group Work

We all want to offer great stimulating interaction between our students in our online courses. To do this, we need an understanding of how to best use the Etudes Discussion Tool. This class will focus on the basic “nut-n-bolts” of discussions and then move on to explore the more advanced features of our discussion tool such as creating groups, group work, how discussions show up in Course Map and more. After we get a good feel for using the Discussion Tool, we will examine some creative uses for our discussions. An online discussion can do much more than just check if a student is paying attention and comprehending the material. This session will give us a better understanding of how to better use Discussions.

Course Dates: Next session not yet scheduled
Facilitator: Jim Marteney
Advisory: Teaching Experience Recommended
Registration:  TBD
Limit: 50 students
Cost: FREE for Etudes members* 
       $45.00 non-members

Successful participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Many institutions award professional development credits for the completion of Etudes training courses. The recommended professional development credit for the Advanced AT&S and Discussion courses is 6 hours. For the Etudes 101 training course represents 30 hours of work.

Requests for Drops and Refunds 

Requests to drop a class and receive a refund must be received by Tuesday, 5:00PM (Pacific), a week PRIOR to the start of the course. Complete Refund Request Form.

*Note: Etudes members are individuals employed by an institution or organization that subscribes to Etudes or are individual subscribers. If you are currently teaching with Etudes, yes, you are a member.