Access Keys

Firefox PC – Access Key = Shift + Alt
Firefox Mac – Access Key = Ctrl + Option
Internet Explorer –  Access Key = Alt
Chrome PC – Access Key = Alt (note that Shift is required in some circumstances)
Chrome Mac – Access Key = Ctrl + Option


To save in Firefox for PC users, hold down the Shift + Alt keys and press s
To save in Firefox for Mac users, hold down the Shift + Option keys and press s
On Internet Explorer, to save, hold down the Alt key and press s

To bring up the list of access keys (this page) from anywhere within Etudes, press Access key + 0 (zero).

The above access keys are supported 100% in Firefox. IE supports all of them, except New Post and Quick Reply. Chrome supports most of the keyboard short-cuts, but not all. 


Access Key

Tools Used


Add, Attach Access Key + a Modules, Discussions & PM and AT&S Add functions and attach files
Begin, Bookmark Access Key + b AT&S, Modules Begin assessments (student view) in AT&S and Bookmarking sections in Modules
Cancel Access Key + x Announcements, Schedule, Syllabus, Modules Abandon action and return to previous view.
Continue Access Key + c Modules Manage content view of Modules
Delete Access Key + l Announcements, Modules, and Discussions & PM Delete selected materials
Done Access Key + d Announcements, AT&S, Modules, & Syllabus Complete actions and save
Export Access Key + e Modules, Discussions & PM and AT&S Export materials to desktop
Finish Access Key + f AT&S Finish taking assessments
Import Access Key + i Modules, Discussions & PM and AT&S Import materials from desktop
My Bookmarks Access Key + m Modules Access My Bookmarks page in Modules
New Post, Next Access Key + n Discussions & PM and AT&S Post new topic, new reply or new PM; navigate to next page in AT&S
Preview Access Key + v Announcements, Syllabus, Modules, Discussions and AT&S Preview materials or pages
Previous Access Key + p AT&S Navigate to previous page
Reply Access Key + r Discussions & PM Post reply to topics or messages
OK Access Key + o AT&S Accept changes and continue
Quick Reply Access Key + q Discussions & PM Quick reply to topics (no editor)
Restore Access Key + t Modules Restore modules
Review, Return Access Key + r Announcements, AT&S Review, Return to previous
Save, Save Draft, Set, Submit, Post, Update, Modify Access Key + s Announcements, Syllabus, Schedule, Modules, Discussions & PM, and AT&S Save changes
TOC Access Key + t AT&S Access Table of Contents
View Access Key + v Announcements,. Modules, Syllabus, and AT&S Preview materials or pages

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