Site Request

If you are certified in Etudes and your institution is a client of Etudes, you are eligible to receive hosting and support services. You may request development or project sites using this form. For ‘live’ term sites, please contact your Distance Education staff.

Please submit a separate form for each development site you need created.

  • Please include your institutional / organizational email address. This is required for verification of eligibility for hosting services.
  • Please include a secondary email account (may be the same as your primary, above).
  • If your institution is not listed, please contact us.
    Development and project sites are fully-functional Etudes sites. The only difference is usage. Project sites are used for committee work, writing labs, tutoring centers, departmental collaboration, and the like. Development sites are a great place to develop a course in advance, if it is not yet approved by curriculum or if it's not in the schedule. You will be able to import your content from your development sites to your live term sites that you'll use to teach with a few clicks. Development sites do not get rosters. For live sites to use with your students, contact your Etudes campus representative.
  • (i.e. MATH, ENGL, ADJ, etc.)
  • (i.e. 1A, 101, 024, etc.)
  • Note: The employee id is critical data to verify your account in the system and must be correct. If you don't know your employee id, please contact your college's Human Resources office or your Distance Learning office or check your pay stub.
  • Please allow five days for the creation of your sites. You will receive an email confirmation when your sites are done. Thank you.