Login Formula


Please follow the Etudes login instructions below. If you don’t know your student id, contact your Admissions & Records office. Be aware that you may not log into online courses until the official start date of the term. Your Userid and Password may not yet be established.

  1. Using a supported browser, go to Etudes: https://myetudes.org

  2. Enter your User Id and password and click on the Login button. 

  3. Upon logging on, change your password to something secure. 

User id


First 2 letters of first name +

First 2 letters of last name +

Last 5 digits of Student ID # 
(Not your Social Security #)

(Type using all lower case letters)


Jose Garcia
Student ID#: 88123456

Userid = joga23456

MonthDay of birth in school records

(Type using all lower case letters)


Birthday is April 11th, 1982 (04/11/82)

Password = 0411

​Once you log on, you will see your courses on the navigation bar and your Dashboard. You can customize the order of your tabs under Preferences (top right). 

This is a permanent account that you will use for all Etudes courses for this term and all subsequent terms at your institution. Your login information does not get reset from term to term. If you change your password, the change will apply to all of your current and future courses.