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  • This form is for existing Etudes accounts only. Please use this form if you need us to: 

    • Add an email address to your account. Some institutions don't load email addresses with registration data. 
    • Change the email address of your account to another or newer account (please include your old email account)
    • If your email address is used in more than one account, request to have it changed to another or removed.
    • If you got married and / or changed your last name. Contact us to examine if we can consolidate your accounts. 
    • The information you provide must match the records in the system or your request will not be processed. 
  • Please provide your complete student identification number, if you are a student, or your employee identification number, if you are an instructor. It will better aid our support team to find your account.
  • Please include the course name and number that you are enrolled in.
  • Provide the number of the specific section number you are enrolled in. It will help us research if you are included in a section's roster data sent by your school.
  • (i.e. Summer 2014, Fall 2014)
  • Briefly explain the type of assistance that you need with your account (i.e. name change, email adjustment, etc.).

  • Note: This request will update your account in the Etudes system only. To update your account at your institution, contact your Admissions.