New Etudes Features - Late Penalty & Untimed Special Access

A small feature enhancements Etudes version was released on September 22, 2015.

Highlights include the two following features. 

  1. Ability to Deduct Points for All Late Work At Once

    This new feature has been implemented in Discussions and in Assignments, Tests, and Surveys, under global grading options. It allows you to deduct points to all students with ‘late’ submissions with one click.

deduct points for late work
Instructors can enter the value that Etudes should subtract from all late submissions and click on Save. This function should be applied after an assignment is closed and has been graded. However, instructors can apply the late penalty at any point, and further adjust the score of late submitters. 

This feature was requested by faculty at the 2014 Etudes Summit in Long Beach, CA.

  1. Ability to Remove Time Limit for Visually-Impaired Students in all Tests at Once

To further accommodate the needs of visually-impaired students, Etudes now includes an additional setting under global special access that allows you to remove the time limit from all timed assessments for a specific student. This feature aligns the global special access setting with that of AT&S that offers an ‘untimed‘ option.

The problem is that blind students can’t focus on listening to and answering the questions that are being read by screen reader software, like JAWS, when a timer counts down over the questions that are being read to them. It’s extremely confusing. With this new feature, you can now remove the time limit for blind learners. 

By checking “Untimed” in global special access, Etudes will remove the time limit for all assessments for the selected student. 

remove time limit for student

This feature requested by David Bush, Foothill College (April 7, 2015).

Please let us know if you have any questions on any of the above features. 

— Etudes Team 

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