Word Count and Deletion of Files

Announcing two new features that are now available in Etudes!

1. Word Count

The editor now allows instructors and students to see the number of words that you have entered, as you type them. The word count feature is available in the editor throughout Etudes. This can be particularly helpful to students if there is a specific minimum word count in assignments. Likewise, instructors can see the total words of a submission in grading. Here is an example:

Word count in editor

2. Ability to Delete Files

There may be times that you want to remove files from your course sites that are no longer relevant to your content. Or, you may want to delete an old version of a document and upload a revised version of the same file. This can be accomplished now by simply right-clicking on a file and selecting “Delete”.

deleting image files via the editor

See tutorial on Deleting Files via the Editor: http://etudes.org/help/instructors/deleting-files-editor/

The Etudes team would like to thank Alan Hyde from Los Angeles Harbor College for resurfacing the need for word count during the 2014 Summit last November, and Marci Katznelson from El Camino College for highlighting the need to be able to delete files.

Many thanks to Mallika Thoppay on the Etudes team for implementing this functionality.

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