Larger file uploads - 100MB New Limit

The default Etudes file size upload limit is increased from 20MB to 100 MB per file.
The change benefits students submitting responses with attachments to class projects, as well as files in assignments and forum responses. This is particularly important in media classes where student work may require large files. The new 100MB file limit reduces the need to find external hosting (i.e. Dropbox or Google Drive) and keeps all student work in the Etudes course site.
Instructors benefit by having the ability to upload richer presentations (i.e. Captivate files) that tend to be much larger than previously permitted.
Please continue to be conscientious of your students’ connectivity and upload large files only when it’s essential. It is better to break large files up into smaller units whenever possible. Small files and images that are sized down for the web will load faster and will ensure a more positive experience for your students.
The Etudes teams hopes that the larger file upload limit further supports the teaching goals of our user community.

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