Adjust-All HQ

Improving the quality of course design and organization in Canvas 

Adjust-All HQ is an LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) external application that integrates tightly with Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) and offers the ability to adjust all course dates and settings in one place!

Installed in ALL the courses in your organization’s Canvas instance, it helps your instructors work more efficiently and create better organized courses in your distance education / online programs. Adjust-All HQ is group and section-aware, allowing instructors to work with a specific set of items in a course. 


Why Adjust-All HQ?

Canvas courses consist of announcements, modules, discussions, assignments, quizzes…. So many things. Each has dates and settings that instructors need to establish to begin the term, or to adjust them as the course progresses. How do they control these tasks? They have to click on each item individually, and sometimes, drill down at several levels. Click. Click. Click. So many clicks to accomplish basic tasks. And, they can’t see all their content and activities at a glance, with their dates and settings, to properly evaluate their course setup and make meaningful adjustments.

This is not the best use of instructors’ time, but more importantly, it has the potential of fragmented course design and poor course organization. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if instructors could see all activities, with their settings and dates in one page, and make meaningful adjustments? Now, they can!

By adopting Adjust-All HQ for your campus, you will have better quality course setup, leading to student success. The tool allows instructors to organize materials and activities clearly and cohesively, seeing relationship with assessments, thus preparing students for success. And it is incredibly affordable (see pricing)!

Instructors can evaluate their course setup and design and:

  • see how material are sequenced and if there is consistency. 
  • review course structure that facilitates collaborative learning. 
  • examine the spacing of materials and verify that activities are building on each other.
  • ensure better organized class activities. 
  • verify effective scheduling of material. 
  • change multiple items in bulk, at once. 
  • check if items are properly published or not. Manage the status for all items in the course efficiently and effectively. 

    • publish/unpublish modules, quizzes, discussions, assignments – in bulk or individually
    • set announcements to show on a specific date
  • review the dates and settings of course activities, at a glance, and make adjustments from one page.

    • Change due dates/times
    • Change available from and until dates/times
    • Change quiz show and hide answer dates/times
    • Change announcement, module, assignment, discussion, quiz dates/times
  • filter items by type – assignments, modules, announcements, quizzes or assignments – to make adjustments in a particular area only. 
  • filter items by groups or sections to make adjustments to items assigned to specific students, instead of everyone.

adjust-all hq main view

By presenting all the course items in one page, Adjust-All HQ enables instructors to review how all of their assignments, discussions, quizzes, and other materials relate to each other, if the sequencing is appropriate, and make adjustments to ensure that they are presenting a well-organized course.  

And this is just for starters!

Coming soon…
  • Mute / Unmute multiple items at once, from one view, without opening every single item.
  • Delete items in bulk.
  • Duplicate items.
  • Move all dates forward or back at once to facilitate the start of a new term or adjust to classroom circumstances.
  • Assign special access with date extensions, time limit and tries to students, for individual course items from one location. 
  • and much more…
Interested in letting your instructors give it a try?

This is not a limited trial. You get to try the complete application! Once installed in your Canvas instance, Adjust-All HQ is available in all the courses in the account. It is listed with a link titled “Adjust All” on the left menu. 


As a non-profit corporation, Etudes, Inc. can offer education software applications at low-cost, stable pricing. Our only constituents are you, the educators, and your students using our services and technologies. 

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