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Stay in touch with your Etudes courses with inTouch!

Etudes inTouch
“I’m thrilled with what I can do on my phone with inTouch! The Course Map and Forums tools are the best. The interface is great; at a glance I can see what is going on in my classes and jump right in to participate in a discussion.”
                                                              — Online Instruction Pundit  
If you are taking courses from an organization that delivers classes via Etudes, you can use inTouch to access your courses from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
Get the inTouch app from the Apple Store today, at no additional charge to yourself and start using it! Once you install it, just enter your existing Etudes userid and password. 

Students can:

  • Stay on top of your to-do items

  • Monitor due dates and deadlines

  • Read class announcements

  • Read and participate in class discussions

  • Read and contribute to Chat sessions

  • Read course materials and lessons

  • Download documents and view videos

  • View grades for individual assignments

  • Send private messages to your instructor and classmates

  • View the course roster and information on your classmates

  • View due dates and access / completion status of assessments.

Student View Screen shots

Course Map   



forums / chat


Etudes intouch

Instructors can:

  • View class activity

  • Stay on top of student performance

  • Compose, edit and send class announcements

  • Read, create and reply to Discussions

  • Read and contribute to Chat sessions

  • View grades for individual students

  • Send private messages to one or more students

  • View the course roster and contact information

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Activity Meter   





Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 through iOS 8.0. iOS 9 is not yet supported. 


iPadiPad users: Etudes inTouch is an iPhone – iPod Touch application, which can be run on your iPad as an iPhone app. A native iPad version of inTouch will come later.

AndroidAndroid users: Etudes inTouch is currently available only for iOS devices. An Android version of inTouch will come later.

There is no access to assignments, tests, and surveys.

There is no authoring of assessments or modules.