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Melete Lesson Builder - Downloads

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     User Tutorials

1. Modules Overview
2. Adding a Module
3. Adding Content Sections to Modules
4. Editing a Module
5. Editing Sections of a Module
6. Deleting a Module
7. Deleting Content Sections
8. Archiving and Restoring Modules
9. Duplicating a Module
10. Viewing the Modules Table of Contents
11. Manage Resources in Modules
12. Module License Options
13. Set Next Steps for a Module
14. Granting Special Access in Modules
15. Printing Modules
16. Sorting Modules
17. Sorting Sections
18. Moving Sections in Modules
19. Organizational Structure of Content Sections
20. Bookmarking and Notetaking in Modules
21. Module Preferences
22. Import and Export Modules

All Etudes user tutorials are licensed under the "Share Alike" Creative Commons license.


For assistance or to report issues, contact dev<at>etudes.org or sakai-dev.


Open Source Initiative Centified

Melete is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0


Up | Overview | Development | Downloads | Past Releases | Sferyx Editor

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