Small Upgrade Release - July 11, 2011


Course Map Enhancements

1. Enhanced information icons in Course Map for students

Enhanced information icons in front of course items on the map to help students identify their status:

  • The information icon in front of each item provides details on availability and other requirements (i.e. number of posts required, mastery level) for each item.
  • If the item is closed, the information icon  reflects its status (closed or not yet open) with a red circle. Clicking on it will gives the date that it closed or when it will open (also shown on its own column, by the way).
  • If an item has a prerequisite attached to it (and it is not available), the info icon has a lock on it. Clicking on the icon provides information on the prerequisite requirements that students must complete prior to continuing to the next item in the course. When you complete the prerequisite, students will gain access to the next item.

Here is a sample screen shot with the new info icons.

2. Enhanced text in 'completion' icons to provide students with details

Status icons were already in place, but they now provide students with more details:

  • Completed items are listed with a green check. Date finished is provided.

  • In-progress work is flagged with an 'in-progress' icon. Clicking on the item will tell students what they still need to complete the item (i.e. # of posts to contribute, # of sections still to read, or mastery to achieve).

  • Work that is not-yet mastered is flagged with an alert icon. This reflects items that require students to achieve a certain passing score. Clicking on the icon tells students how many points they must earn. 

3. Added the Ability for Students to Monitor their Progress in Modules

A module is considered complete when students view all the sections.

Etudes now provides students with specific information as to how many sections they have to read in order for the module to be complete. As mentioned in the previous section, this information is included in the 'in-progress' and 'info' icons in front of the Modules in Course Map.

Also, Modules now includes a new column ("Viewed") in the Table of Contents which lists the date the Module was completed.

Additionally, in the Module's home page, students can see the last date that they viewed each section. The sections that have not been viewed will have a dash.


Note: Instructors can view the above Course Map enhancements in Activity Meter's individual student view.

Activity Meter Enhancements

1. Show Instructors if Students Have Read their Evaluation Comments in Activity Meter (Discussions section)

A green icon indicates that the student visited the Review page after you graded and released scores. If a student has not reviewed your released evaluation comments, a dash is shown.

2. If there are multiple submissions by Students, all are now listed in Activity Meter (AT&S section)

Each of the submissions are listed with details on date started and date finished, or 'in-progress', if a submission is not yet complete. This allows instructors to view all of the activity of students.

In the below example, you can see that a student has two submissions, with one of them being in progress.



Updated: July 12, 2011, by VSinou