Small Enhancements in Modules

Please note a couple of feature enhancements and a fix in Modules:


  1. Ability to move onto the next module in authoring when you reach the last section, without having to return to the Table of Contents. 

navigating throughout modules in author view

  1. Ability to go to the Edit section of a module or content section from View. This allows you to toggle to the authoring view to make fixes to issues that you find when previewing work. Clicking on Done in author mode returns you back to where you left off. 

    toggle between edit and preview

    The above enhancements should make it easier when working with module content. Many thanks to Cherine Trombley, Professor of Psychology, Los Angeles Valley College, for the feature improvements. 


Embedding Films on Demand in Modules –  You no longer have to add the form tags at the end of the FOD embed code in Modules. Just pasting the code in will work. Thankss to Mike Sult from Foothill College for reporting the issue. 

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