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About Etudes

Etudes is a non-profit 501(c)(3), organization that offers centralized hosting, support, site and account management, training and professional development opportunities to institutions and organizations that need a turn-key, fully-managed course management solution. As an Application Services Provider, Etudes serves higher education institutions, supporting over 350,000 student enrollments annually.

Additionally, Etudes leads open source software development, focusing on building content authoring, collaboration and assessment tools, with an emphasis on e-learning and the needs of its Etudes users and clients. Read what our clients have to say about the value of Etudes. View the video to hear from members of the Etudes community. Learn more...

Stay in touch with your Etudes courses with inTouch!

If you are taking courses from a college or organization that delivers and supports classes via Etudes, you can use inTouch to access your courses from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Get the inTouch app from the Apple Store today, at no additional charge to yourself and start using it! Once you install it, just enter your existing Etudes userid and password. Download Now!

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Leading Open Source Tool Development

The Etudes team is leading the development of three tools:

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If you are interested in Etudes hosting, training, and related services, contact us.


Etudes Features

Learn about the core tools, features, functionality and capabilities of Etudes. See Feature List...

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Getting acquainted with Etudes has never been easier!

Our FREE Pilot allows individuals and institutions to evaluate Etudes, in our live environment for a full term!
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" In all the years I've been teaching, I have never had this level of support." -- Leslie Hope, Los Angeles Valley College
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