Etudes Code of Conduct

The evaluation, control, and management of the quality and methods of instruction, appropriateness and presentation of content, academic dishonesty, and compliance with acceptable code of conduct within courses and project sites is the sole responsibility of the Client and fall under their policies. Sanctions and consequences for infractions shall be addressed by instructors and institutions under their local policies.

However, Etudes expects users’ conduct in online course and project sites to conform to acceptable standards as described here. Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. use of threatening, harassing, sexually explicit language or discriminatory language or conduct that violates state and federal law on sexual harassment or discrimination;

  2. unauthorized posting or transmitting sexually explicit images or other content that is deemed by Etudes, the software provider, or any administrator, supervisor or instructor of a course published utilizing Etudes or other online tools to be offensive;

  3. conduct that constitutes fraudulent behavior as enumerated in state and federal statutes;

  4. disruptive behavior on-line;

  5. spamming site participants with posts and private messages unrelated to coursework.

  6. unauthorized access to another user’s private My Resources files, private messages, account, or sites.

  7. any action that shows disrespect for individual and privacy rights of other site participants.

All users are subject to the same consequences for violations of the Etudes Code of Conduct policy.

First-time violators of appropriate conduct will receive a warning letter and may be suspended from access to the system or their sites. Subsequent incidents will be reported to their institution’s administration for appropriate action, as per local policies and procedures.

Depending on the severity of the offense, Etudes reserves the right to block users from the system or remove their accounts, temporarily or permanently. Etudes will collaborate with senior administrative staff of Client and will provide necessary data as required for campus hearings.