Etudes Data Retention Policy

This policy defines the duration of course site availability and course data in Etudes. The policy applies only to colleges that are active clients of Etudes.

Live Course Data

At any given time, a year and a half worth of course sites are available ‘live’ on Etudes.

The “live” course sites are accessible in standard author mode by instructors, including authored or uploaded content, grades, rosters, student submissions, private messages, discussion posts and other data recorded by Etudes from students and instructors.

Archiving of Sites

Content from two additional past years are available in archives. Thus, instructors have access to three and a half years of course content at any given time. This does not include student data.

Archived courses are stored as backup packages. They are not live sites and instructors do not have direct access to them. However, Etudes enables instructors to copy all or select content from archived courses to current live or development sites, via import from site. When clicking on import from site, instructors can select to Import from Archives. The two years of archived courses are listed in chronological order, just below the live sites in import from site. Import from archives brings over all the content, like import from site. No student data.

Purging of Sites

Once courses are archived, the live versions are purged from Etudes. This includes all content, files, grades, assignments, tests, and anything else associated with the course site.

It is important to minimize the amount of database information within Etudes and to best utilize that space for active courses. Purging inactive courses helps maintain a manageable database size, to ensure speed and performance of the servers, as well as a cost containment measure in the amount of storage needed. Purging an Etudes course site removes it from the Etudes system so that it is no longer accessible. When a site is deleted it is automatically removed from a user’s course list. However, if it is within the archiving period, it is available to copy under import from site.

Policy Exceptions

The data retention policy does not apply to development sites, project sites, or My Resources. These remain ‘live’.

Purging Schedule

Archiving and purging occurs on July 1, annually. Instructors are given a 90-day, 60-day, and 30-day notice, via a high-priority announcement in the Users Group.

On July 1 of 2017, we completed the following:
  • Kept all of 2016 and 2017 to-date live on the Etudes servers (accessible on
  • Archived 2015 courses (sites from 2014 are still in archives), accessible with import from site only.
  • Purged 2015 live courses.
  • Dropped 2013 from archives.

 How Do I Retain a Copy of the Content Before the Course is Purged?

If a course is older than three and a half years and is scheduled to be purged in July, you can request a development site and import its content into it to preserve its content.

 How Much Longer Will I have access to my Etudes course and project sites?

For some colleges, access to ends on June 30, 2018. Others have chosen to purchase access to archives for another year. To find out if you will have access to your Etudes content, please contact your college’s distance learning coordinator.

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