Jforum 2.9.11

Jforum 2.9.11 is available for use in Sakai 2.9.1. It supports MySQL 4.1+ and MySQL 5.0+ (Oracle in Jforum 2.9.11 is not supported yet). HSQLDB may not work with Jforum. To work with the Jforum source, you need the same development environment as Sakai, Java 1.6 and Maven 2 or Maven 3.     

Follow the instructions below to download and build:

  1. Get the Source

  2. Database Information

  3. Dependency on etudes-util

  4. Configurations

  5. Build and Deploy Etudes JForum

  6. Update Sakai Roles

  7. Mask CK Editor Image Icon

  8. Add Jforum Icon to Sakai Left Menu

  9. User Documentation

  10. License

1. Get the Source

Get the JForum 2.9.11 source and place it at sakai source folder. To get JForum from Sakai Contrib SVN, issue the below SVN commands from your Sakai source folder:

svn co etudes-jforum

2. Database Information

Etudes Jforum 2.9.11 works with MySQL 4.1+,  MySQL 5.0+ and Oracle databases(not yet supported).

3. Dependency on etudes-util

Build etudes-util before building Etudes Jforum.

Get etudes-util from


a) Add etudes-util version to master/pom.xml to “properties” element as below


b) Add etudes-util dependencies to “dependencies” element under “dependencyManagement” element



Install etudes-util using : mvn clean install

4. Configurations

Add the jforum configurations to and customize.

Refer to readme/jforum_config_properties.txt for the properties or the Jforum properties.

5. Build and Deploy Etudes JForum

a. Add Etudes Jforum version to master/pom.xml to “properties” element as below


Add etudes-JForum dependency to “dependencies” element under “dependencyManagement” element

b. Add lines to the Sakai root pom.xml build profile section that you are using (the default is the “full” profile). These instruct Maven to include the Jforum sources in the build.


c. Run Maven Commands

The sample maven goals are

mvn clean – remove any prior build

mvn install – compile and package Etudes jforum

mvn sakai:deploy – install the needed files to the local Servlet container

Note : Make sure under tomcat(components, shared/lib, webapps) there are no other versions of jforum files than 2.9.11

6. Update Sakai Roles

Update Sakai Roles (under realms) to include JForum permissions

a. Check appropriate JForum permissions under the roles in !site.template.course.

  • Check jforum.manage for teacher, instructor, faculty types of roles (maintain).
  • Check jforum.member for student types of custom roles that you have (access).

b. If you have project sites and related roles in !site.template.project), appropriate permissions (jforum.manage or jforum.member) need to be checked as defined above.



  1. If you fail to check the Jforum.member and Jforum.manage permissions for your roles, Jforum may not work properly. 

  2. If you add jforum to an installation with existing sites, users will not have the necessary permissions. You will need to user !Site.helper or other scripts to propagate the changes. 

7. Mask CK Editor Image Icon

This is a necessary step for masking the image icon in the toolbar of the

editor (JForum handles embedded images through the ‘Attach files’ process).

If you omit this step, you will get a toolbar error!!!

Under sakai reference/library/src/webapp/editor/ckeditor.launch.js

file, include this statement

CKConfig.ToolbarSets[“JforumDefault”] = [









[‘SpecialChar’], [‘Style’],





] ;

and compile and deploy sakai again.

NOTE: If you have already deployed sakai and don’t want to redeploy then in tomcat/webapps/library/editor/ckeditor.launch.js you can add the above statement.

8. Add Jforum Icon to Sakai Left Menu

If you are using sakai’s default cascading style sheet create the icons folder under tomcat/webapps/library/skin/default/

and copy the image jforum-menu.png from jforum-tool/src/webapp/images/sakai-menu to


Add the below line to tomcat/webapps/library/skin/default/portal.css


background-image: url(icons/jforum-menu.png);


9) User Documentation

See relevant tutorials in our help pages.

10) License

The original JForum source code is licensed under the BSD License.   Code development under the leadership of Etudes is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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