Melete Rel 2.9.9

October 1, 2014

LTI 1.0 support / certification

Melete Rel 2.9.5

March 14, 2014


ME-1597 Lower case last names are listed in wrong order under special access
ME-1601 Address security vulnerability with import of SCORM/IMS files
ME-1607 LTI sections not connecting
ME-1604 Replace select list with checkboxes on the export UI screen
ME-1606 Clean up LTI form data and just send required parameters
ME-1594 Fix GROUP BY to adhere to SQL standards in
ME-1595 Open insecure links in new windows automatically (Link2URL content type)
ME-1590 Fix for SAK-628 broken time in calendar
ME-1589 Links in the content should be accessible to low vision people
ME-1587 Add OK button to calendar to support SAK-39 and add fix to support SAK-439
ME-1584 Support for MN-1204: Change wording of prerequisite message

Melete 2.9.1

March 15, 2013


ME-1436 Add “Allow Until” date in Melete
ME-1532 Support for time zone preference
ME-1526 Add Swedish and Turkish translation files
ME-1529 Track last visit to module sections
ME-1523 Bring over Melete site prefs with import from site
ME-1328 Import from site should not bring duplicate modules
ME-1373 Auto save dates on the list page
ME-1469 Track editing changes (flag) and show last updated date
ME-1448 Move restore and import/export functions to main author view
ME-1454 Auto-populate title with URL in manage content view

Melete 2.8.2

April 11, 2011

New Features & Enhancements

ME-1148 Implement ‘special access’ feature in Melete
ME-1277 Feature to update copyright information of all sections from a single screen
ME-699 Implement Bookmark Functionality in Melete
ME-1185 Ability to export / download notes in a plain text file
ME-1260 Remove add section page. Edit Page works as add.
ME-1286 Etudes-util dependency
ME-1165 change closed modules icon
ME-1139 Sferyx composed section should save head tag and not just body content
ME-1192 adjust all the melete pages to include sakai:view tag
ME-1276 Document patch for MeleteCHServiceImpl for Sakai2.6+ users
ME-42 Set base date for Modules
ME-781 Icons Uniformity
ME-1115 Remove melete + Calendar tool dependency
ME-1222 remove legend for closed modules
ME-1228 remove confirm msg when saving modules
ME-1193 License options in add/edit section screen brings horizontal scroll to the frame
ME-1160 Add icons in Melete’s mode bar – ala Mneme
ME-1162 change cancel button icon
ME-1209 Strip MS comments at the view time
ME-1194 remove note from ‘print’ window
ME-1167 revise melete css file
ME-1169 Limit width of holding tables.
ME-1170 Better melete integration with the base
ME-1153 use initialURLEncodedContent applet param
ME-1134 Import-compose data can have form tag
ME-1214 remove confirm messages for saving…
ME-1225 visited mode bar items should not be hot when user is on actual view
ME-1240 change add preview to View
ME-1171 HTML files should declare a DOCTYPE
ME-1241 change edit preview to View
ME-1317 Retain pom files for just sakai2.7.1(remove other pom file support)
ME-1320 Add oracle script
ME-1252 Add melete student/instructor rights check to the “student” pages
ME-1268 Turn printing ON for students by default


ME-1350 An extra parentheses exists in sql script file
ME-1250 Revisit design of javascript methods on add and edit section pages
ME-1263 link resources are not always stored in /uploads
ME-1205 remove code to deploy as second tool
ME-647 Remove MELETE_MODULE_STUDENT_PRIVS from db and java code
ME-1259 Selected license does not display correctly upon uploading new file or link
ME-1262 On add from edit screen, change type from upload or link to compose data is not saved
ME-1249 Replace sessionMap.get(role) calls with securityService permission check
ME-1237 CK editor doesn’t show on one condition
ME-1257 bug report on going to preview page from edit screen
ME-1264 Etudes-util dependency missing in pom-sakai27.xml files
ME-1244 Module title does not get refreshed on delete confirm screen
ME-1251 Editing section on one scenario displays inaccurate message due to missing Cancel button
ME-1273 Section content changes using CK Editor are not saving
ME-1271 lift limit or restrictions in license and year text fields
ME-1265 What’s next info does not appear in navigating in duplicate modules
ME-902 license holder and year data gets mixed up upon IMS import
ME-1266 What’s next numbering is off
ME-1281 View/preview section adds a huge blank space for sferyx composed sections
ME-1269 After delete from Restore page, stay on the Restore page
ME-1248 Duplicate site/Copy/Import from site scenario fails when destination site uploads collection doesn’t exist
ME-1302 When multiple delete throws an internal server error, it cleans data from ContentHosting but leaves data in Melete tables.
ME-1303 blank resource records are inserted when typeupload section has no resource
ME-1290 Add section browses into /group/siteid collection
ME-1284 On cancelling delete action go back to originating screen
ME-837 another out of bound error in list student page
ME-1021 Bug report on list_modules_student view
ME-1285 bug report on view next steps
ME-1280 Bug report with add bookmark
ME-1278 Bug report with editmodulesections moduleID null
ME-1293 no indication that special access has been given to 1 or more students.
ME-1297 Refresh is required to see change in preferences
ME-1300 Foreign key constraint error thrown with MELETE_SECTION_RESOURCE table when deleting everything
ME-1304 When section is added from add module confirm page, sometimes previous section info is retained
ME-1270 Last visited link does not show for instructors to closed modules
ME-1235 After deleting resource from Manage content, it appears that there are no resources
ME-1245 Prepopulated bookmark title does not change when section title is changed
ME-565 duplicate error report on listauthmodulesform:table:err_gif
ME-1308 Selecting existing MeleteDocs resources in Sferyx is broken
ME-1223 section view iframe does not expand on IE
ME-1227 export of bookmark notes exports one the first line
ME-1238 Word paste with styled fonts gets messed up when switching and saving with both editors
ME-1239 compose content changed
ME-1179 Exception when saving bookmark with no title…
ME-1152 sort sections cache bug is back
ME-1186 author pref page on IE is centered
ME-1173 Navigation set incorrectly after print on instructor view module
ME-1211 null pointer bug report on archive action
ME-1203 deleted modules from schedule don’t get re-posted
ME-1201 Students getting authorization error upon clicking on Modules(trunk code)
ME-1202 What’s next does not show upon individually opening modules
ME-1066 Inconsistent charset declarations
ME-1197 edit fields in author view are too far to the right; align close to field labels
ME-1157 Mode bar(Top navigation) show vertically stacked on Sakai2.6
ME-1123 Error on reading files with %20 in file name
ME-1196 We lost the ability to go to ‘next’ in student view in modules that don’t have ‘what’s next”
ME-1213 Uploading media in CK thru “add section” workflow, puts it into Resources NOT MeleteDocs
ME-1212 preferences not responding from modules home in student view.
ME-1200 Cancel button on deleting bookmark returning bug report
ME-1198 lengthly horizontal scrolling in Sferyx
ME-1226 Edit section content type not setting correctly
ME-1217 horizontal bar in delete confirm page and msg adjustment
ME-1216 cache problem on page? return asks to save notes locally
ME-1218 Bookmarks list page does not get refreshed after DELETING items
ME-1230 switch location of action menu and bookmark links in author view
ME-1233 Manage content file upload feature does not list number of input items specified
ME-1236 SCORM export fails to export separately uploaded resources
ME-1231 Bogus Alert about file upload size won’t let users add content
ME-1232 “Add new section” link from a typeEditor section always displays editor
ME-1189 Add module page missing Required footnote
ME-1220 remove header “Actions” from Author list page and bookmark list page
ME-1261 Remove styles combo box from sferyx editor
ME-1210 recognize large files at the sferyx editor level
ME-1275 Print page not print send to printer and close window
ME-1267 Add What’s next information in print page
ME-1187 consolidate student/instructor view pages
ME-1291 “finish” button in add / edit modules view
ME-1283 Turkish translation for Melete
ME-1306 Revise getMinStartDate implementation to include start and end dates when performing calculation


Melete 2.7.2

Released 01/25/2010

New features & Enhancements

ME-986 Add support for import of Moodle packages
ME-1104 Add support for eXe package import
ME-959 Revise IMS import to support packages that have resources but no organization
ME-37 Integrate start and stop dates with Schedule tool
ME-85 Replace images with standard action buttons
ME-80 License Preference for Melete
ME-268 Replace O’Reily’s filter with sakai request filter
ME-980 Enhance support for SimpleLTI
ME-918 Russian Translation for Melete
ME-906 Improve Melete’s accessibility
ME-1105 Access keys Support
ME-1017 Accessibility: Alt tags
ME-1034 Add summary to data tables
ME-1018 Accessibility: Tabbing / Navigating
ME-1007 Move “sort” functionality to author mode
ME-796 Include Next steps feature in list view (as the last section)
ME-1094 Show bullet or number for next steps in instructor student and student view
ME-810 Move settings from web.xml to
ME-1078 Put Sferyx in its own webapp
ME-948 Add instructions to save as pdf in print page
ME-656 Add additional pagination options for working with resources
ME-967 Add ability to delete archive modules
ME-952 Merge Oracle nulls check patch
ME-957 Create a common component for resource listing
ME-740 Eliminate final deletion confirmation
ME-1073 Remove confirm view for restore modules
ME-1067 Make title column in author / student list views wider
ME-1082 Remove migration code (needed to upgrade from Melete 2.4 to higher versions)
ME-1002 Increase size of Copyright columns
ME-969 Add the “Select All” checkbox on the Manage->Restore page

Bug Fixes

ME-697 IMS Import should bring in css files and js file
ME-985 Upload section filename does not accept % sign
ME-1079 Sferyx media size exceed message to read max limit from
ME-942 Import from site exporting all resources
ME-960 IMS Import of Manage resource items i.e unreferenced items
ME-961 Bring embedded data of resources/meletedocs for upload/link sections on Import from Site
ME-962 Bring embedded data for upload/link section os IMS import/export
ME-1005 Preserve display name for embedded media files
ME-1015 Import from site is bringing duplicates for bad file named embedded media
ME-1003 Revise edit section exception handling
ME-1095 Revise tool description in Edit Tools
ME-1099 Sferyx image and link picker dialog doesn’t show the display name but the resolved url
ME-995 unselect “all” checkbox doesn’t unselect the modules
ME-974 Changing URL gives student author access
ME-1036 Next steps allows access into closed module
ME-926 Archive module is not saving seq number correctly
ME-954 SQLGrammarException deleting multiple modules
ME-951 Link section pointing to meleteDocs item does not export correctly
ME-964 Link resource pointing to meletedocs file has 2 resource tags on IMS export
ME-1069 Delete from manage archived screen shows section listing
ME-1053 Author view action bar items need breathing room
ME-929 View mode for closed modules
ME-904 Deleting a large number of modules returns bug reports
ME-1020 Action icons need to be clickable
ME-1025 Left-most checkbox rendering gets bad on IE when window shrinks
ME-1031 Adding New Content Section – Validation Error: Value is less than the allowable minimum of ‘3’
ME-1019 Empty modules don’t get listed in View mode
ME-1074 License footer is not clickable in preview page
ME-1044 Edit section when replacing with a new file or url throws error
ME-1008 Export fails for “all” when the site has no embedded data
ME-950 License not setting correctly for link and upload sections associated with resources entered via Manage
ME-1010 If compose type has non-existing file, section#.html is listed in Manage
ME-1045 LTI exported file should have an extension of .xml
ME-1000 Problem linking i18n resources.
ME-1103 Import breaks if IMS exported package has blank src for embedded media
ME-1084 Adding blank LTI section returns internal server error….
ME-1065 Dual HTML header declarations in view_section and view_section_student
ME-1054 Simple file references to meletedocs in compose sections do not get displayed
ME-1091 Dup compose sections are listed as resources in manage upon IMS import and don’t open in view
ME-1110 Problems with embedded images that have % in filename – both editors
ME-898 Link content type pointing to site resources with spaces in filenames do not get encoded
ME-949 Open in new window setting is lost while selecting typeLink resource
ME-1042 Mime type icons missing in replace file view
ME-1024 License form needs to have its own properties in bundle file
ME-932 Fix Melete’s LTI Support for POST To not make the web service request before putting up the direct
ME-921 Delete module code does not clear up section.html records from MELETE_RESOURCE table
ME-1001 Bad numbering in navigation message which shows on listing of Melete resources
ME-1022 On setting just one editor preference for Melete then it doesn’t show on the preferences page


Melete 2.6

Released 02/09/2009

Highlights of this release

ME-786 IMS CP Import / Export – LTI option
ME-783 Add section – LTI option”
ME-788 Print Modules – Ensure support for LTI
ME-826 Make LTI available through Melete User Preferences
ME-846 Web services icon to distinguish LTI resources
ME-866 Tag in IMS CP to include publishers’ source
ME-909 Show LTI sections when logged as student

Enhancements & Bug Fixes in 2.6

ME-641 Improve workflow of editing sections back-to-back
ME-765 Put “Next” link on original module page
ME-893 include description or objectives in ‘print’ module view, if provided
ME-799 Change the UUID generation code to useIdManager
ME-761 view section iframes show big margins on safari
ME-760 revise pom files for melete 2.5 to compile with any sakai 2.5 versions
ME-772 Consolidate maven1 and maven2 releases
ME-886 melete artifacts needs there own version
ME-885 set svn ignore
ME-766 Next / prev to gray out when reaching end conditions
ME-838 remove unnecessary logger.error statements
ME-865 Clean up unused images in Melete
ME-916 avoid situation of missing Ch file but reference is in melete resource
ME-794 Edit module with no sections throws bug report
ME-797 cache issue with add / edit sections after creating sferyx type section
ME-888 re-use content doesn’t bring embedded media to meletedocs collection
ME-884 we don’t harvest our .htm and .html children from site resources upon export
ME-897 upload type htm and html files become compose type upon IMS import and import from site
ME-896 embedded local files refer to the source site after IMS import
ME-895 embedded links to myworkspace resources get wiped out upon import from site
ME-910 delete doesn’t check if resource is in use by archived modules
ME-914 internal server error when attempting to delete module/sections
ME-767 double content for link and upload
ME-758 blue section titles don’t print
ME-778 File upload limit error message
ME-729 validation clears everything in manage uploads
ME-764 lengthy blank page below content in iframes (view and preview)
ME-769 numbering shows minus and is off in navigation sometimes
ME-771 cache issue with print button
ME-789 continuing to add resources after error cause list to not refresh
ME-795 add section is failing for upload type.
ME-759 delete section fails when the resource is associated to an older deleted section also.
ME-845 SCORM export naming convention
ME-831 LTI option — reqd fields are not checked
ME-847 Add LTI second screen should always have Basic option as default one
ME-835 redirection on LTI content view page doesn’t work
ME-832 LTI resources are listed under upload resources
ME-791 remove msg that page will open in new window in preview page
ME-828 Slashes show as %3A
ME-873 sort pages were not properly internationalized
ME-843 descriptor field is reqd but there is no validation
ME-803 editor type option on edit section screen doesn’t display “compose content here”
ME-800 Internal error generated while saving section. Please try again…
ME-732 editor preferences are not internationalized
ME-790 if file being uploaded is larger than limit, preview doesn’t work (sferyx)
ME-860 target _blank doesn’t get added to a hrefs on adding section
ME-801 Resource names dont show ‘-‘ extensions for link resources
ME-867 spaces in URL Titles are replaces with %20
ME-870 uploaded MS file shows in the Link listing with “URL Resource” reference in Manage Content
ME-869 icons needed to represent office 2007 file extensions
ME-868 Why xml paste and URL title together?
ME-827 Edit section with LTI option shows undefined
ME-850 delete resource fails from edit’s second screen
ME-864 buildLicense code needs correction in MeleteImportService class
ME-819 Revise security checks for all methods in
ME-812 Remove setlogger methods from all files
ME-875 Descriptor format error if URL is left blank
ME-877 sorting of resources in manage content inconsistent?
ME-876 words and phrases are accepted in Launch URL field
ME-863 processing /private resources for melete event tracking
ME-830 URL title on select page in edit mode
ME-856 edit section can’t save when we delete the associated resource
ME-774 .htm and .html uploads don’t get listed in Manage Content or Sferyx uploads
ME-808 Remove migration info message
ME-851 after merge of code, edit preview doesn’t open up
ME-839 Adding 3 sections back to back messes up sequencing
ME-807 Remove error logging of meleteException for incorrect user provided info
ME-650 A file exported from a custom site ID site does not import
ME-887 bug report on content types when LTI choice is not set
ME-892 edit previous link from edit section screen skips a section if there are subsections
ME-857 LTI option choice doesn’t set correctly on upgrade
ME-814 Incorrect use of member variables in MeleteImportService
ME-874 sections with instructions and no content don’t import over
ME-872 event is not being recorded
ME-829 Two ‘open in new window’ options
ME-833 copyright info doesn’t show on view page for LTI type sections
ME-822 Export does not work with / in site title
ME-824 Melete foreign key error
ME-622 no checking for http:// component and allow non /access relative paths
ME-768 open link in new window text not accurate – controlled by user’s browser
ME-855 add upload section shows last edited resource name in properties panel
ME-911 print button is not ‘hot’ in author view and instructor student view
ME-841 LTI resource doesn’t show link icon in the listing
ME-713 preserve value in Import from Site”
ME-849 remove migration log statements”

Credits for Melete 2.6

Rashmi Maheshwari, Melete developer, Etudes Project.
Mallika Thoppay, Melete developer, Etudes Project.
Charles Severance, University of Michigan.
David Roldan Martinez, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.
Shoji Kajita, Associate Professor, ITC, Nagoya University, Japan.

Melete 2.5

Released 11/Jul/08


ME-257 Duplicate modules
ME-702 Add preference to auto-number modules and sections.
ME-441 Add ability to remove uploads, embedded, and links from MeleteDocs
ME-525 Lift restrictions on titles to aid foreign language teaching
ME-554 Preferences to enable module printing
ME-28 Delete Melete content fully upon module or section deletion
ME-694 Swedish translation for Melete 2.5
ME-521 Implement support for Sakai’s Site
ME-589 change [ ] bullet to a more standard black bullet
ME-584 add ‘url’ icon in front of website resources

ME-560 move next steps as action icon on the right before duplicate icon
ME-634 Eliminate legend for inactive modules – continues to be confusing
ME-655 change default pagination to 30
ME-661 minor UI adjustments in student views
ME-660 add printer icon / function in module home
ME-582 consolidate new link or select from server options on add/edit section page
ME-733 action of uploaded file – comment needs revising
ME-519 Move rendered conditions to mdbean properties
ME-626 Eliminate duplicate code between SCORM export and IMS export
ME-586 Making reference to doctype independent of XML sequence string
ME-671 Query performance issues
ME-731 double the size of multiple select box for exporting modules
ME-477 Use the user’s current locale or TimeService for formatting the date
ME-712 Preview should respect new window value and show content accordingly
ME-579 condensed date entry gets set to 0008
ME-653 In Manage content, if some has been deleted the Viewing X of Y is not truncated
ME-642 NullpointerException with showSections method
ME-597 no wrapping in action icons / links
ME-640 NumberFormatException bug report on view_section_student page
ME-591 we lost our spacing between our numbering and module / section titles
ME-518 Use f:param instead of clientId parsing on list pages
ME-663 Too many warnings in managing content
ME-683 alternate text for link and doc icons in manage resources
ME-652 Content type icons are all graphic
ME-583 few spots needs to be internationalized
ME-695 footer bar is too short in student view – needs to extend to iframe
ME-696 comma placement in license / footer in Preview pages
ME-561 bug report on view section student (go next Module)
ME-539 bug report on content field in view section student page
ME-532 bug report on confirm add module
ME-580 time on calendar widget always defaults to 1:05 AM
ME-603 module#.section# showing on single module TOC (student) but not anywhere else
ME-601 print module view won’t launch in separate window
ME-669 restored modules retain start/end dates
ME-665 Import of a module, a section created as URL in new window opens in a frame
ME-557 default time (seems current) does not switch to pm
ME-547 list modules student sends bug report becos of index out of bound exception
ME-562 bug report on edit section page – set server link
ME-621 more informative error message when not selecting a link
ME-622 no checking for http:// or https:// component
ME-541 bug report on accessing hidden field in view section student page
ME-552 null pointer bug report on secpgroup or including view navigate in student pages
ME-706 In Manage>Manage Content, Back to Top – remove
ME-564 bug report on reading max upload size
ME-192 viewSectionsPage secContent bug report on production
ME-566 Null pointer exception with edit resource code
ME-615 Able to select multiple radio buttons on move section module select page
ME-587 remove legend for inactive modules, if none on the page
ME-651 When I delete a section, it is still listed in module list
ME-608 Delete failure on uploaded resource
ME-639 Editing section with no content type throws error message
ME-636 Empty module with whats next info does not export
ME-647 Remove MELETE_MODULE_STUDENT_PRIVS from db and java code
ME-588 remove excessive white space between header and body of sections
ME-568 Delete top level section and its subsections move at the end of the list
ME-569 Prev next functionality doesn’t seem to work correctly with null start and stop dates
ME-667 Add new link URL failed from edit section Page
ME-628 Strange calendar bug upon entering certain dates
ME-610 java cache persistence issue with deleted link on the server
ME-456 form tags in source of content cause Sferyx to blank out / freeze
ME-686 sort is forcing horizontal scrolling even when titles are very short
ME-684 sort by “type” should list uploads first and url resources second
ME-690 add section fail when user doesn’t provide content for type upload and link
ME-679 error on deleting a URL resource under Manage
ME-682 add validation for bad url when adding multiple URL’s
ME-654 UI issues in author and student views
ME-618 duplicate site performance issues
ME-617 Import from site from 2 sites does not appear to work
ME-664 Same as issue ME-651, which has been closed
ME-666 Duplicate Module internal error (Same as ME-257)
ME-676 Need to click save for preview to work for licenses
ME-670 License footer doesn’t show proper information on Edit Preview pages
ME-668 view navigation doesn’t work on IE
ME-631 SCORM export seems to have broken
ME-581 SCORM Fails on reading ModuleSeq.dtd
ME-707 create indices on melete tables
ME-703 remove msg “The meleteDocs migration process…” from code
ME-711 bad file name with # should be resolved and uploaded
ME-705 Upload multiple page under Manage is not internationalized
ME-722 Insert Image dialog box too low
ME-720 “Media in Use” warning does not always show correctly
ME-715 IMS Export creates bad zip when site id and site title are same
ME-646 Patches for Oracle code
ME-726 multiple link uploads don’t refresh the number of boxes that appears on page
ME-714 if one editor choice is specified than don’t show radio choice in preferences page
ME-727 bug report upon deleting multiple modules
ME-730 remove back to top code
ME-723 Review Spanish Translation
ME-741 Navigation problem after showing print page
ME-745 expand / collapse arrows placed incorrectly in student list view
ME-510 create hibernate object for migration tables
ME-614 moving sections to the same module results in internal error
ME-612 melete export failing
ME-627 Sections imported differently from how they are exported
ME-662 cache issue when adding new section URL
ME-673 CK editor hyperlinked / uploaded content breaks upon saving
ME-605 sferyx hyperlink remote file picker does not list previously uploaded word doc
ME-692 sorting empty sections throws java exception
ME-680 remove URL item under Manage Content refreshes the page
ME-517 Revise Migration programme to remove duplicate code
ME-681 java exception when attempting to delete an unused resource
ME-728 print modules should list external docs as links (open in application)
ME-739 cache issue with print module button
ME-585 sections added to new modules do not show up
ME-600 Error getting property ‘startDate’ from bean of type
ME-657 moving a section still refers to old module / content lost
ME-693 calendar launches but doesn’t show dates.
ME-685 all uploads and URL resources disappeared
ME-721 Next links don’t move to next module unless What’s Next exists
ME-718 Sections created as Link to URL don’t show in New Window
ME-708 uploaded content doesn’t show in the View mode
ME-717 Upload sections are not visible
ME-725 Sferyx not working this morning
ME-716 delete multiple modules shows confirmation even though there is db error
ME-710 Import /export error after deleting resource in use
ME-709 delete multiple modules doesn’t delete modules but deletes unused resources
ME-738 Sometimes a section will duplicate itself and then it won’t delete
ME-744 print module window totally blank in instructor’s student view (IE Only)

Credits for Melete 2.5

  • Rashmi Maheshwari, Melete developer, Etudes Project.
  • Mallika Thoppay, Melete developer, Etudes Project.
  • Raul Mengod, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (auto-numbering feature).
  • Swedish translation, Magnus Tagesson, Stockholm University
  • Portuguese translation, Nuno Fernandes, Universidade Fernando Pessoa


Melete 2.4.5

Tagged – December 18, 2007

ME-550 IMS CP import should NOT fill in default dates in modules
ME-522 Change link from “Make Inactive” to “Archive”
ME-545 view module pages have same form name
ME-549 UI adjustment in replace image when content is of upload type
ME-559 Student view in next steps page shows ‘viewing student side’
ME-537 duplicate component bug report on modlink in view section student page
ME-551 bug report on view section form duplicate id topmod:id6
ME-533 bug report on list auth modules page
ME-538 bug report on contenttype in view section student
ME-546 list pages have same form name
ME-301 Bug reports on list modules pages
ME-482 list_modules_student bug report : One or more parameters are null
ME-555 breadcrumb link back to TOC only works from the last section
ME-490 Modules don’t show up when start or end date is 0000-00-00
ME-556 start/stop date validation inconsistency

Fixes in 2.4.4

Tagged – December 10, 2007

Addresses a number of issues introduced with bad merging of SCORM export code.

ME-543 Bug report of duplicate component topmod on view section page
ME-535 Remove date parenthetical info in add module page
ME-529 Missing spaces in pagination of uploaded and linked resources
ME-528 Spaces missing in licensing footer
ME-527 Clicking on “Cancel” in Preferences just refreshes the screen
ME-531 Couple of bug reports on view section student
ME-544 End dates on instructor view of student have an extra –
ME-530 Add sections that have empty date fields returns bug report
ME-524 Date calendar cannot be launched with null/blank dates


Many thanks go to the following for their contributions:

  • Mallika Thoppay and Rashmi Maheshwari, lead Melete developers, Etudes Project, Foothill College, for their on-going work with Melete.
  • David Roldan Martinez and Raul Mengod from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia for their assistance in fixing Import/Export and Duplicate Site issues.
  • Sacha Lepretre from CRIM, Canada, for adding support for SCORM 2004 Export.
  • Steve Swinsburg, University of New England, Australia, for his tool that converts content from WebCT CE 4.1 to Melete.


November 30, 2007

ME-515 – SCORM support for Melete
ME-487 – Prev, next links give access to inactive modules
ME-501 – Do not auto-populate dates for users when adding new modules
ME-511 – When adding a section with uploaded content, description doesn’t save
ME-488 – Duplicate site does not import media over
ME-520 – IMS Manifest file has no organizations tag
ME-516 – Import fails when title or general tags are not there in manifest file
ME-494 – Imsmanifest file null values
ME-503 – Preserve resource description for import from Site
ME-465 – Description of resource not retained upon IMS import
ME-508 – Repeated edits to sections do not save
ME-485 – Wrong module title is showing in breadcrumbs after adding new section
ME-507 – Melete won’t accept new link with https: (redirect)
ME-486 – Date set to “00…” caused modules to disappear / broke add and import
ME-51 – Ordered lists in ‘preview’ are shown as bulleted items
ME-483 – Revise legend phrasing of inactive modules
ME-481 – Add index to MELETE_COURSE_MODULE table
ME-479 – Duplicate component ID ‘listmodulesform:_id3’ found in view
ME-499 – ListAuthModulesPage editAction bug report
ME-502 – ListModulesPage indexOutofBoundsException
ME-500 – ListModulesPage outOfBoundsException
ME-498 – ListModulesPage viewSection bug report
ME-491 – Bug report on edit section page
ME-484 – Sort window of sections takes over length of window in sort of modules
ME-480 – special characters like slashes in site title causes error on export
ME-512 – View_section_student bug report
ME-509 – Remove print statements from code
ME-352 – drop down list doesn’t stay up
ME-301 – Bug reports on list modules pages
ME-513 – EditSectionPage bug report
ME-490 – Modules don’t show up when start or end date is 0000-00-00
ME-506 – Clicking on a module or section refreshes the screen
ME-496 – Instructors can see each other’s courses in CK editor image file picker
ME-495 – Cosmetic: spaces missing in header titles

Fixes in 2.4.2

Released July 26, 2007

ME-473 – Missing embed tag processing in import and migrate code

ME-476 – Remove numbering from student view
ME-475 – Bug report on viewSectionsPage
ME-474 – Bug report on viewNextStepsPage
ME-472 – npe in view section page

Fixes in 2.4.1

Released July 17, 2007

ME-467 – Integrate oracle specific code into migration program
ME-460 – correct import statements for XML serialization (short-term solution for patched Sakai 2.3.x)
ME-461 – should not have full path for embedded media in migrated content
ME-468 – internal server errors when linking to files uploaded through CK editor
ME-471 – original (two-level) indentation not preserved upon IMS export
ME-469 – allow linking to uploaded files thru CK editor which are not in melete resources
ME-455 – allow modification of one’s work in CC license should default to “share alike”
ME-458 – URL title of resource not retained upon IMS import or import from site
ME-462 – bad filename (adds extra html) for composed section on exporting
ME-463 – Link info is missing when section is pointing to a resource item on Import from Site
ME-459 – error rendering view pages (error getting property ‘content’ from bean of type)
ME-466 – tab order in edit section page skips ‘save’ button
ME-422 – broken images in preview (Sferyx)
ME-470 – files with spaces are shown as broken links in Sferyx, if uploaded thru CK Editor


Melete 2.4

Released June 29, 2007

New Features

ME-114 – Add Content Sections – integration with ContentHosting
ME-26 – Copy Melete upon “duplicate site” action
ME-27 – Include Melete content upon ‘import from site’
ME-41 – Extend Melete to support sub-sections
ME-378 – Add ability to indent sections – 10 levels
ME-201 – Add ability to inactivate multiple modules at once
ME-203 – Allow multiple deletion of modules
ME-127 – Add licensing information at individual section level for each resource
ME-373 – Alter behavior for ‘next’ and ‘prev’ in navigation; include what’s next in sequence
ME-372 – Add preference for setting author’s default (expanded/collapsed) modules list view.
ME-15 – Internationalization Support – i18n

Other Tasks

ME-134 – Write program to migrate meleteDocs to contentHosting
ME-195 – Merge Melete 2.3 features and fixes in 2.4
ME-381 – Patch Sakai 2.3 to work with new Melete code (content hosting)

Enhancements (77)

ME-375 – Add numbering to show the sequence of modules and sections in TOC
ME-98 – Ability to add sections from author page (add ‘content link’)
ME-202 – Remove I agree requirement
ME-118 – Redo Import/Export IMS to work with ContentHosting
ME-269 – Make copyright author field editable and longer
ME-387 – Improve IMS CP import performance
ME-288 – Move files to meletedocs upon export, if pointing to resources
ME-379 – New SORT to handle sub-sections (and modules)
ME-232 – sferyx should load only when the preference is sferyx or when melete editor is sferyx.
ME-337 – Make listing of uploaded/linked Melete resources on server clickable
ME-336 – Allow instructor to browse all modules in student view even if not open yet.
ME-307 – UI Changes
ME-241 – copyright declaration in Melete 2.3 – prevents import from earlier versions
ME-242 – review code for IMG processing – limited parsing done
ME-239 – melete does not map <a href=images/… into uploads directory
ME-225 – editor preference
ME-335 – add navigation for listing of uploaded/linked server content
ME-197 – when clicking on delete with nothing chosen, no error message
ME-210 – lack of clarity of which sections are being deleted (confirm page)
ME-138 – Populate MELETE_LICENSE table
ME-204 – Remove module label and seq no
ME-207 – Allow delete of modules & sections
ME-140 – revise form validations and new validations for newly added license fields
ME-131 – show resource desc field in case of upload and link
ME-143 – integrate sectionPage with baseSectionUtil class
ME-308 – use short phrase for Content Type
ME-312 – public domain UI changes
ME-313 – adjust UI for CC license
ME-318 – UI adjustments –> selecting a resource page
ME-128 – listing of existing uploaded resources in meletedocs for this site and user’s other sites
ME-129 – store composed content as a html resource using content hosting api
ME-137 – create meleteDocs root collection and modules collection using CH
ME-142 – add security advisors so that instructors can add collection and resources
ME-139 – clean up of sectionPage, sectionDb and other classes
ME-150 – edit section with content type as editor
ME-153 – page navigation when content type is link or upload
ME-154 – If no type is selected then show dropdown menu
ME-243 – replace existing file if new file is provided in case of upload and link
ME-249 – add deleteflag for disassociating a resource and not physically delete it
ME-250 – cond 2 when just properties are changed in case of upload and link
ME-251 – cond 3 when existing resource is selected in case of upload and link
ME-252 – highlight the row in the list when an existing resource is selected
ME-274 – revise max upload size error handling for large files
ME-220 – Read default editor from wysiwyg.editor property if melete editor property is not defined
ME-221 – Methods checkuploadexists() and logemptyupload() are in place
ME-284 – review code for IMG processing – limited parsing done
ME-151 – access is a section attribute now so add in section table and other changes
ME-314 – upload a file dialogue area UI adjustments
ME-376 – remove hot breadcrumbs from edit sections; needed with sub-sections
ME-371 – Make author list view expanded by default
ME-311 – fair-use exception UI adjustments
ME-309 – copyright of author UI adjustments
ME-310 – copyright default optional properties
ME-315 – link to uploaded file already on server UI changes
ME-377 – Handling of section and business deletion
ME-319 – select an uploaded resource page – UI changes
ME-369 – Revise IMS CP import/export to address sub-sections
ME-144 – revise editor image browser code to read list of image files from site collection
ME-295 – Export and content hosting
ME-135 – embedded images in editor
ME-317 – links to uploaded resources too long – UI changes needed
ME-126 – remove license gathering from add/edit module pages
ME-117 – Refactor view & preview pages to reflect contenthosting integration
ME-115 – Edit Content Section – integration with ContentHosting
ME-299 – Remove unnecessary settings in configuration (xml) files
ME-333 – message confusion on replacing uploaded resource
ME-425 – consistency in icons with Mneme / TC
ME-354 – display navigation when listing has more elements than 15 resources.
ME-306 – display long names in license footer
ME-224 – change jsp servlet dependancy to 2.4
ME-244 – error handling when linking to external resources with spaces in URL
ME-236 – allow : on titles of modules and sections
ME-292 – Strip out all Word comments when saving or adding sections.
ME-384 – If no role is allocated to the user by default, Melete should deny access
ME-5 – Preserve licensing information and author, year upon import
ME-133 – Import/export capture license at section level
ME-403 – strip off margin style from word paste documents (Sferyx editor)
ME-108 <script> tag is ruined upon saving/finishing sections (Sferyx editor)
ME-449 – replace old date widget icon with new one (add / edit module) used in Mneme


Bugs & Other Issues (117)

ME-326 – melete uses the entire local path as file name
ME-388 – adding or editing content that links to server resources returns bug report
ME-416 – adding sections to new site, but they are nowhere to be found
ME-405 – indenting sections wiped out two modules with all their sections
ME-399 – Word paste with embedded images kills all browsers – cannot save
ME-429 – deleting sections of module and sections wipes out several – not just the selected
ME-433 – import from site does not import linked and uploaded content sections
ME-457 – IMS import breaks linked content upon import
ME-245 – incorrect error given (file size) when culprit is Word comments code
ME-253 – inability to link to resources in section link
ME-248 – CLONE -error handling when linking to external resources with spaces in URL
ME-407 – editing a link section (replace), but choosing nothing and continuing returns exception
ME-368 – list of uploaded resources on server is *often* blank or partial when more files are there
ME-229 – multiple validation issues with the XHTML produced by Melete
ME-419 – broken links to meletedoc resources upon import from site
ME-411 – click on link to me picks wrong file on next page
ME-431 – uploading long html docs buried content – no scroll bars
ME-430 – Links corrupted after ‘import from site’
ME-432 – what’s next page keeps refreshing after first module
ME-450 – inability to delete sections
ME-434 – Import error using Modules Export/Import
ME-453 – cannot delete one or more modules
ME-448 – sort does not display latest (indent) section changes made in author view
ME-454 – sort sections with no modules returns bug report page
ME-436 – change of editor not propagated across sites in GUI
ME-235 – 2nd level of delete confirmation page rendering issues
ME-361 – not all URLs included in link to URL list
ME-132 – View section pages need to display license
ME-147 – Remove unnecessary fields from Section table
ME-266 – no melete processing on script tags
ME-329 – content type choices truncated in editing blank section
ME-342 – sferyx image picker performance issues
ME-339 – iframe does not resize when replacing uploaded resource
ME-327 – going to edit sectiona dn the add new section causes dupe breadrumbs
ME-320 – minor typos/improvements on UI
ME-304 – there should no be wrapping of section titles in student view
ME-324 – internal error when clicking on Add New Section from a blank section
ME-303 – set menu cells to fixed size so that menu items don’t wrap
ME-293 – Inability to link Resource to create a content section
ME-216 – increase the last name field of module creator – returns invalid errors if name is long
ME-191 – viewmoduleform bug report on production
ME-328 – javascript for copyright author year fields not fucntioning when file upload is content type
ME-215 – Clean up statements
ME-305 – 203 error when trying to upload image with CK Editor in Melete
ME-294 – Init() of Impl layer calls repeatedly
ME-222 – CK editor should put images in meleteDocs Collection and not in resources collection
ME-192 – viewSectionsPage secContent bug report on production
ME-332 – sferyx editor displays images inserted from local-not inserted from remote in edit mode
ME-395 – viewSectionsPage bug report on production with secpGroup
ME-394 – on clicking at right to create subsection, throws apache errors
ME-393 – NPE on clicking left, and down icons when there are no modules
ME-392 – section table has column name access which fails in oracle
ME-385 – Apply Apache 2.0 license to Melete
ME-383 – Move messages from list author page bean to
ME-367 – Not all uploads all isted in the server resources
ME-366 – There are no choices for linking to file upload
ME-246 – remove ‘accessibility’ language from add section confirmation page for now
ME-190 – viewSectionsPage bug report on production
ME-52 – Mask bg color option in Sferyx so that tool.css is respected
ME-410 – mask email notification since it’s not implemented in Melete 2.4
ME-408 – adding sections that point to links that have redirects returns error
ME-404 – author, manage, and preferences links don’t work on ‘what’s next? view page
ME-233 – unable to export modules on IE with https
ME-364 – When logged in as student, window doesn’t resize correctly.
ME-302 – editor content should not be displayed in iframes in student view
ME-155 – viewModulesPage null constructor bug report
ME-281 – Import/Export issues from 2.3m2 – Merge
ME-426 – Add corrective method for sequence xml
ME-424 – Incorrect behavior with left indent
ME-421 – internal error while saving preferences, yet choices are accepted
ME-414 – if you change a section from compose to another, the editor and other choice is shown
ME-412 – remove bullet image from list of sections in module home page
ME-409 – equation editor images show as broken images in preview and edit
ME-275 – issues with embedded media with filenames with $, (, ), #, @ in both CK editor and sferyx
ME-400 – redesign adding new uploaded file as a section to not lose file when choosing a license
ME-402 – uploading an image thru CK editor shows nothing in editor or view
ME-396 – selecting copyright messes up alignment of page
ME-398 – Melete iframe buries content – can’t view long sections (student View)
ME-300 – export chokes on filenames with funky special characters
ME-363 – Sferyx image picker prompts Mac users to login again to browse remote files
ME-418 – duplicate identical files on /uploads are listed
ME-452 – wrong / cached module title is showing on breadcrumbs (edit section)
ME-440 – CK editor browse server list of filenames confusing (lack of integrity in files)
ME-415 – inaccurate error message when pasting text w/embedded images in CK editor
ME-435 – URL title should be used for link – not section title in Preview
ME-370 – Classnotfoundexception on invoking import process
ME-420 – CK editor window needs to be much wider by default
ME-447 – Embedded media/images from CK not stored in MELETE_RESOURCE
ME-205 – uploading 2 images fails for both when one of the images exceed filter size limit
ME-209 – 1 mb img uplad limit to sferyx
ME-206 – when using next/prev, show uploaded/linked section content in iframe
ME-230 – on choosing license after composing content in sferyx, content is lost
ME-234 – on choosing media from editor image browser, Melete inserts wrong path
ME-212 – a dash (-) in section title and >17 characters content returns error
ME-282 – copyright declaration in Melete 2.3 – prevents import from earlier versions
ME-283 – melete does not map <a href=images/… into uploads directory
ME-286 – upload fails on mailto:
ME-287 – missing uploads or section html pages cause import/export to fail
ME-289 – FileNotFoundExceptions in export
ME-290 – images paths renamed to Meletedocs upon import but are not copied and may not belong
ME-362 – if no resources to list then shows java error
ME-321 – when type is link shows availableresource() error
ME-285 – melete fails when importing files with bogus URL’s
ME-146 – Cut and paste from word should work in sferyx editor
ME-455 – allow modification of one’s work should default to share alike
ME-344 – border around table containing Upload a file for this section’s content
ME-340 – once license type is selected, you cannot go back to ‘have not yet determined copyright’
ME-349 – Sferyx remote link browser picks same files as image browser
ME-331 – clicking on view section of a blank section (no content) just refreshes the screen
ME-323 – Allowed character message is different from the user case
ME-428 – broken preview icon in student view – next steps page
ME-445 – change item in drop down menu to reflect upload options
ME-211 – No spaces after commas in confirmation list of inactivated modules
ME-355 – misaligned status icon and status column in student view
ME-443 – filenames of uploaded resources and edit section data inconsistency
ME-446 – minor spacing issue in listing of section name
ME-439 – adding creative commons license displays 2 sets of license fields


Fixes in 2.3.2

Released Feb. 2, 2007

New Features

  • Editor Preference Choice for Melete
  • Allow multiple deletion of modules at once
  • Allow deletion of multiple sections at once
  • Make multiple modules inactive at once
  • New navigation in student view pages


  • Remove module label and seq no
  • Clean module navigation bar from code
  • Remove label row from manage screen
  • Change Melete description under edit tools
  • Change “Author” to “Added by”
  • Remove licensing footer at the module level.
  • License year shows 2005, although module may be created in 2006.
  • Remove “I agree” requirement from licensing workflow.
  • Remove “…” from menu items
  • SqlException on creating foreign key index on melete_section table
  • Add code to ensure that /uploads directory exists.
  • Sys admins can set a different file upload limit for Melete IMS CP import.
  • Specify one or more editors in
  • Translate hard-coded image url’s to proper site id in MeleteDocs (CK editor)
  • Copyright declaration in Melete 2.3 – prevents import from earlier versions
  • Review code for IMG processing – limited parsing done
  • Melete does not map <a href=”images/…” into uploads directory
  • Melete fails when importing files with bogus URL’s
  • Upload fails on mailto:
  • Move files to MeleteDocs upon export, if pointing to resources
  • Missing uploads or section html pages cause import/export to fail
  • Allow “:” on titles of modules and sections
  • Incorrect error given (file size) when culprit is Word comments code
  • Inability to link to resources in section link
  • Error handling when linking to external resources with spaces in URL
  • Wrong alert given when uploading images with # in filename thru Sferyx. 
  • Images with invalid AND valid characters cause internal error (CK Editor)
  • Images paths get renamed (in error) to point to Meletedocs upon import

Fixes in 2.2.1

Released October 27, 2006

Melete 2.2m1 is a maintenance release that includes the following code changes:

  • Fix for following bug: Uploading two or more images or media fails for all if one of the images/media exceeds the O’Reilly filter size limit (1MB). This bug is relevant ONLY to installations of Melete that use the Sferyx Editor.
  • New feature: Editor Preference Choice. Under the new ‘Preferences’ menu, Melete authors can select a default editor, if two or more editors are installed. The editor user preference was implemented early to give another choice to some of our Mac users who have been experiencing crashes and inconsistent behavior with the Java Applet Sferyx Editor and FireFox.

For upgrading to this release and configuring the editors, see readme file.

Patch: The patch for Melete 2.2m1 addresses the problem caused by inserting images in content through CK editor. CK editor stores images under resources. This splits the Melete content into two places – meleteDocs and Resources. Furthermore, CK Editor adds hard-coded URL’s in the content and includes the site id in the path of the images. This is a problem when instructors import their content into future sites. Images are broken for students who have no permission to view the previous term’s content. This patch saves CK Editor images in MeleteDocs. If images were uploaded into resources, upon ‘save’ or ‘export,’ Melete copies the images from resources to MeleteDocs and modifies the image source path in the section.

Melete 2.2

Released July 17, 2006

Melete 2.2 is the same version as Melete 2.1.2m2, in terms of features and functionality. Melete 2.2 has many application code changes to run with Sakai 2.2. It is compliant with Hibernate 3 and matches the package structure of Sakai 2.2. It uses the new Sakai APIs to accommodate Portal Service and Security Service changes.

The code of Melete 2.2 is cleaner now as we removed some unused and commented code. The code includes new Sakai license header. All non-java files like components.xml, project.xml, etc. are updated to have proper includes and dependencies, as all package names got changed. Melete code adds jaxen-1.1-beta-6.jar (3rd party lib) to shared/lib. 

For institutions that are upgrading from Melete2.1.2m2 to Melete2.2, there are NO new steps. Sakai does a beautiful job of 2.1.2 > 2.2 conversion. Installation instructions are the same: Drop Melete under Sakai code and build and deploy from there using “maven sakai:build” and “maven sakai:deploy.”

NOTE: For clean Melete 2.2 deployments, please refer to the readme for installation steps. 

Fixes in 2.1.2
Released 12/May/06

Users of Melete 2.1.1, please refer to upgrade instructions in the release package for information about how to configure, build and redeploy Melete. No need to rebuild or redeploy Sakai.

As part of the code upgrade from Melete 2.1.0 to Melete 2.1.1, conversion is REQUIRED. Two conversion scripts are included in the release. Please refer to the appropriate readme.txt for instructions.

A summary of the fixes and enhancements in this release:

New Feature

  • Add “expand all” and “collapse all” functionality on Modules home (student and author views). (Requested by Sarah Phinney, Porterville College)


  • An uploaded file throws exception in preview (when nested MeleteDocs directories).
  • Saving a section that has a forward slash “/” in the title opens sferyx with no content.
  • Eliminate the creation of long filenames when exporting/importing modules.
  • Preview file throws exception with uploaded file sections (this happens only when MeleteDocs is a nested directory other than var/MeleteDocs).
  • Append _del to deleted module directories. Preserve deleted modules.
  • Allow ! on section and module titles.
  • Pre tag in Sferyx does not work – flattens content. 
  • Change “created by” to “Added by” for modules to reflect action.
  • Long filenames in export module (import kept adding module# prefix).
  • Preserve licensing information in IMS CP import/export.
  • Capture module keywords in IMS CP import/export.
  • Capture module next steps in IMS CP import/export.
  • Remove ability to change section types. Avoids potential problems with browser caching issues.
  • Cleaned up unnecessary log statements in Melete code, thus resulting in improved performance.
  • Fixes for ‘delete section’ bug (compromises content!)











    • Section sequencing and naming change
    • Delete section row before file
  • MeleteDocs directory configuration in web.xml
  • Preserve what’s next content during IMS CP import/export.
  • Preserve data from section ‘instructions’ during IMS CP export/import
  • Export fails when files are missing
  • Inability to change content to visual editor
  • Upload file size alert does not present user with correct file size information
  • Sort sections does not work when content consists of links and uploaded ONLY
  • Allow https when linking to content
  • Uploaded file not saved after preview
  • “File” menu in Sferyx editor should not be visible (FF/PC).
  • Remove “New” file icon in Sferyx. Not applicable within Melete. 
  • Lengthen editor window.
  • Add “untitled section” instead of error if title is not filled.
  • Allow + in the titles of modules and sections.


Fixes in 2.1.1

Released March 24, 2006


  • Uses sakai defined editor. It uses sakai tags to integrate with HTMLArea and CKEditor.
  • Co-authoring support.
  • Accept paste from Word with embedded images (Sferyx editor version ONLY). No need to upload images! Contributed by Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain.
Bugs Fixed
  • Module description is not exported; site description is filled in for every module.
  • On sorting a co-authored section, sometimes the section got corrupted.
  • The import process replaced descriptions of modules with the “description” of site or first module.
  • “Preview” of sections with uploaded files was broken.
  • View Sections did not read the Melete css file.
  • Remove instructor dir hierarchy (MeleteDocs). Keep files under Course_ID.
Melete 2.1.0
Released 05/Dec/05

Melete version designed to support Sakai 2.1.0.

Bug Fix in 2.0.3

Released November 17, 2005

Melete 2.0.3 fixes a critical, elusive bug with sorting sections. Upon editing a section after re-sorting its sequence within a module, it was overwriting the physical file for the next section.

Fixes in 2.0.2
Released August, 2005
  • IMS Content Packaging – Import is implemented in this release. Users can now import Melete content from one site into another from an existing IMS content package which matches the Melete schema (zip file exported from Melete).
  • Melete no longer requires the designation of a term.
  • Melete is now included in project sites.
  • Users who have installed previous versions of Melete must update the database table melete_section for length of the column LINK from varchar(100) to varchar(200).
Melete 2.0
Released June, 2005

  • Incorrect content section numbering in some cases.
  • Sferyx WYSIWYG Editor is now loading on the Mac.
  • The “check accessibility” button is a place-holder; the feature is NOT implemented yet. Coming in a future release.

Melete 1.0

Released December, 2004

Features implemented include:

  • View Modules
  • View Sections
  • Add Modules
  • Licensing Options (4)
  • Set Next Steps for a Module
  • Add Sections to a Module
  • Three Methods for Adding Content in Sections
  • Edit a module
  • Edit section of a module
  • Delete Modules
  • Delete Sections
  • Make Modules Inactive
  • Restore Inactive Modules
  • Date Planner
  • Sort Modules
  • Sort Sections
  • Change Module Label
  • Export Modules IMS Content Packaging
  • Import IMS Content Packaging
  • Integration of equation editor with Sferyx