Adding Titles to Questions


Etudes offers you the ability to add a “Title” to questions or essays (assignments) in the assessment engine of Etudes. This optional field provides a way to categorize questions by keywords or phrases. For example, the title may be the chapter or unit that the question’s content is derived from, or it could be used to identify questions in summative assessments to collect Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) data (see Using the Question Title Field for SLO Data Collection). 

Adding Titles to Questions

When adding a question, you may also provide a title. Use one word or very short phrase for this field. 

Adding title

If titles are included in questions during authoring, they will be listed in a separate column in the question list of your pools.  The Title column is sortable.

sort questions by title

If you like to author your questions offline in a text file and bulk upload / paste them into Etudes via the offline authoring functionality, you can include titles to your questions by adding “QuestionTitle:” (case insensitive) after the question, as in the following:

Where would a “troglodyte” live?
*1. In a cave
2. Up a tree
3. Underwater
questiontitle: Prehistoric Races

Upon pasting them via the Paste and Import feature, the title field will be populated, too.