Discussions Data in Activity Meter


At the top of this view, you will see a summary of activity in your discussions area of Etudes:

  • Total number of posts of enrolled students (including contributions in non-gradable categories, forums and topics)

  • % of students who posted at least once.

  • % of students who never posted anything.

Below that, you will see a list of all the gradable categories, gradable forums and gradable topics in your site.

 For each discussion item, you will see the # of students who have posted there and the total number of posts per item.

  • Click on the title of each discussion item to see the names of the students who have posted and the number of posts.

  • Navigation buttons (Next / Prev) allow you to move through all your gradable discussions to see student involvement. 

  • You may send a Private Message to all students who have not posted to the discussion.

  • You can see the open, due and allow until dates of each discussion and its status (open, closed, not yet open, or invalid).

  • All columns are sortable.

  • The green checks indicate that the discussion is published and visible in the students' view of discussions. 

  • If a discussion is not yet visible to students, you will see the 'deny access' icon by the title of the item.

Click on the title of a discussion to see details on who posted, how many posts they contributed.

You can also see if students have reviewed your evaluation comments  (see sample screen shot below).

  • A green icon indicates that the student has seen your evaluation comments, after you released them.

  • A dash is shown if the student has not visited your released evaluation comments.


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