Early Alert – How Does It Work?


If there are students in your site's roster who have not come to your class in the last 7 days (from when you are looking at the page), you will see an Early Alert message at the top right of Activity Meter's home page; otherwise, you will not see any.

Click on the number of students who haven't come to class to find out who they are!

From the early alert view, you can see a summary of the activity of the absent students.

You can send a Private Message (PM) to each student by clicking on the message icon to the right of their name.

You can send a PM to all students who haven't visited your class in the last 7 days, or to those who have never visited the site.

Early Alert notification options

When sending a PM to all, students don't know that it was not send just to them. In the "to:" field, they will see their name, and in the "from:" field, they will see your name. You can include a general message that doesn't address a group to make it more efficient for you to reach out to absent students frequently (i.e. We've miss you in class in the last 7 days! There is still time to do well, etc.).

The early alert PMs are set to 'high-priority' email notification by default so that students get a copy of it in the email associated with their Etudes account (if they have a valid one) AND in their Private Messages "in-box" in Etudes.

You will also see the PM's that you sent in your "Sent" folder of your PM in Discussions. If you sent a PM to "all", you will see a separate PM for each student. This allows you to have a record of all PM's that you sent from Activity Meter.

While in the early alert view, click on a student's name to view complete details of a student's activity in the class.


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