Modules Data in Activity Meter


At the top of this view, you will see the % of module sections that have been viewed by enrolled students.

Below that, you will see a list of all the modules in your course (excluding any archived items). To the right, you will see the number of students who have viewed each section.

Click on the title of the section for detailed information on who has viewed the section. You will see the following:

  • Names of the students who have viewed it, along with the first and last date that they first viewed the section.

  • Navigation buttons (Next / Prev) allow you to move through all the module sections to review student visits to the content.

  • You may send a Private Message to all students who haven't viewed the section of the module.

  • You can see the open and due dates of each module and its status (open, closed, or invalid).

  • All columns are sortable.

  • The green checks indicate that the modules are published and visible in the students' view of Modules. Remember that although a module may be published, it may not be accessible to students if it is not yet open or if it is closed or if it has a prerequisite that is not yet met.


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