Activity Meter Overview


Activity Meter (AM) in Etudes captures, stores, and displays site visits and activities of students. It allows instructors to analyze learner behavior, outcomes, persistence, and performance. Instructors can assess how and what students are doing and when, who is not doing anything or not coming to class, etc.

Additionally, Activity Meter offers an "Early Alert" feature to help instructors reach out to students who are absent and who may be at risk of failing the course, so that you can intervene early.

Activity Meter can also help instructors watch for and spot patterns (i.e. at what point in the term students drop) and make adjustments to classroom setup.

Activity Meter is designed primarily to track student activity. For instructors, it only tracks site visits.

What preparation is needed to use Activity Meter?

None. It will display data automatically, based on your students' activity (or lack thereof). Just enable it and visit it regularly to stay informed about your class activity.

Where is Activity Meter located?

Once enabled, Activity Meter will appear just above "Site Info" on your site's left menu. Activity Meter is enabled in all sites.

Do students have Activity Meter?

Activity Meter is only available to instructors.

The students' version of Activity Meter is Course Map. It provides them with detailed information on all of their activity.

Overview (Home) of Activity Meter

Activity Meter offers an Overview section (home) with a summary of the entire class activity, early alert data, and direct access to details on each student's activity. It tracks site visits and activity in the Syllabus, Modules, Discussions, AT&S.

Overview provides information on the overall activity for the entire class. It offers a quick way to analyze how your learners are doing from one view, if you don't have time to drill down to specifics.

At the top of the screen, you will see information on enrollment status – total enrolled, dropped, and blocked students.

If there are students who have not come to class in the last 7 days, you will also see an Early Alert message (see next section).

The main section of AM's Overview provides the following information for your class:

  1. Student Name and userid.

  2. A section column allows you to review class activity by section, if you are teaching more than one sections in the site.

  3. Dates of the students' first and last visit to the site.

  4. Total number of site visits. This is a count of the user's site visits (not Etudes sessions). If the user visits the site in a login session, the visit is counted once, even if the user comes back to the site again in the same session.

  5. The date when the syllabus was read and accepted by each student.

  6. Total number of modules completed by each student.

  7. Total number of posts (topics and replies) contributed by each student in discussions.

  8. Total number of assignments, tests and surveys submitted by each student.

Click on Export to CSV to download this data to analyze it offline in Excel or to have as a local backup of your class activity.

The list is sorted by name and enrollment status, with 'enrolled' students listed first, and blocked and dropped students at the end.

All columns are sortable. For example, you may want to sort by last visit or first visit, to see who logged on early.


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