Adding an Offline (Task) Question in an Assignment


Task questions are identical to essay questions, except that they have an additional option under “Submission” types. The task question type is ideal for assignments that may include multiple components, one or more of which may not require students to submit something in Etudes.

For example, you may have an assignment titled “Research Project” that consists of a) a research paper, and b) an in-class presentation of the findings. You can create one assignment with an essay question for the research paper and a task question with ‘no submission is required for this question’ for the in-class presentation. This setup allows you to award unique points to students for each component (question) of the assignment, and give them feedback for each separately. 

To add an offline task to an assignment, you will add a question but instead of selecting an ‘essay’ question, you use the ‘Task’ question that requires no submission from students. 

How to Add an Offline (Task) Question to an Assignment

  1. Go to AT&S and click on your assignment. 
  2. Click on Add under Questions. Note: The assignment must not be locked in order to add more questions to it. 
    Add a question
  3. Select Task under the Question types.​
  4. In the Question box, type the instructions of the assignment that your students will complete offline or outside of Etudes. 
  5.  Under submission type, select the forth option since students won’t submit anything in Etudes. 
    Submission options
  6. The rest of the text boxes are optional functions (i.e. model answer, feedback, etc.).
  7. Click on Done.
  8. You can now add points to the offline task. Click on Done, again.
  9. Test drive it to ensure it meets your approval
  10. Set dates and publish it to make it available to your students. Check the box in front of the assignment and click on Publish at the menu.


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