Grade Questions


The most efficient way to grade essay questions is to grade all the submissions for a question for the entire class at a time. To do so, you may want to switch to Grade Questions on the Grade Submissions page.

Grade questions

When you click on the Grade Questions link, a page appears with list of all questions on the test that were answered at least once.

Objective questions are graded automatically by the system, so they will not have a “pending grading” icon next to them. If you want to review how all students did on an objective question, you can preview all the submissions for a question under Grade Questions or in Summary of Data (under Grading).

Questions which have submissions and need to be manually graded have a little red grading pen icon to the left of the question. Click on that icon to open a list of all submissions for only that question.

Once again, the ‘pending grading’ icon disappears once everything has been graded.

Grade ungraded - by question

You’ll see a list of students with their answers, including the dates and times they started and finished the assessment. There is a box where you can make comments back to the student, and most importantly, a box where you can put the score for that question. You may also attach documents back to students.

Grade essays - scoring view

For 1-question assessments (i.e. a typical format in assignments), you will have two additional checkboxes in the grade questions view: mark as evaluated and release grade to submitter.

mark as released and evaluated options

These options allow you to keep track of your grading progress and release scores to students as you go, instead of waiting to release all submissions at once, at the end. If you check these boxes as you grade, you will be able to see whose submissions you have evaluated and released at a glance from the main grade submissions page. 

Evaluated and Released column listing

Keep the following tips in mind while grading responses by question:

  • Click the Save button often. Your comments and scores will not be saved until you click Save, Done, or Next, so if you lose your Internet connection while grading, you’ll lose less if you save often.  
  • If there are more than 30 submissions on the Grade by Question page, when you click on Next to go to the next page, the current page’s scores and comments will be saved at that time.  
  • When you’re done grading the answers to a question by all students, click the Done button at the bottom of the page to return to the list of questions. Select another question to grade its submissions, as needed.

When you’re done grading all questions, click Return button at the bottom of the Grading Home page.


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