Grading Essay Questions


When you’re grading a question, you can see the student’s submission in the Answer box.

You can comment directly within the student box if you want to mark up their submission. To help your students see your inserted comments versus what they composed, change the color of your comments using the color picker provided.

Be sure to put the point score for each answer in the box right under the student answer box. There is also a comments box for every answer.

The Final Score is automatically tabulated by the software so you don’t need to enter anything in that field.

At the very end of Grading A Submission page, there is an Overall Comments box where you can add evaluation comments relevant to the student’s performance and effort in the entire assessment, as opposed to a response to a specific question.

grading essays

When you’re done grading a student’s submission, you want to do the following:

  • Click “Mark as evaluated” but not check “Release grade to submitter” if you want to mark the submission as evaluated (for your own tracking of what you’ve graded), but do not want to return your comments and score to the student until a later time.
  • Check “Release grade to submitter” if you want to return the score and your comments to the student and send the grade to the gradebook (if that option was enabled in settings).

 Click Next to go to the next student’s submission.

Erasing Grader Comments in Student Submission Box

Occasionally you will mark up a student’s submission when grading it, and then realize that you want to clear all your comments and return to just what the student submitted.

Right above the student’s submission box, there is a link called “Erase Annotation.” When you click on “Erase Annotation,” it will get rid of all your comments, highlights, font coloring, etc.

This feature can also be used to restore a student’s work to its original form if you accidentally delete a portion of a student’s submission by mistake – say you rest your hand on the backspace key or somehow you compromise a student’s submission. “Erase Annotation” goes to the database and restores a student’s original submission.

Annotating Inline with Double Brackets {{}}

In addition to using the editor’s color function to highlight inline comments to students’ submissions, instructors may also put in {{your text}} around their comments, when annotating a student’s in-line answer to essays or tasks questions in assessments.

Brackets may be used to insert comments within the student’s submission or in the overall comments box.

See example of instructor comments surrounded by double brackets.

Instructor comments in brackets

Inline comments surrounded by double brackets will show as ‘red’ when displayed in review to the submitter.

Student view of red - inline comments

They will show as {{text}} when the grader is editing the annotations and comments in the edit. The comments will be displayed in red color only in student view.


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