Grading Non-Submit Tasks or Unsubmitted Items


What if you have homework, exams, or assignments that were not submitted in Etudes (there were offline items or students missed a deadline, but you would like to log the scores and give feedback to students on these items?

AT&S allows you to force a grade and return comments back to the student.

Just follow these steps:

On the Grading page, click on the title of the assessment that contains an unsubmitted item. If some students did not submitt anything, their names are blacked out. The final score box is empty. Status is Not Started.

In the Final box, put a score. This can be 0, or the actual point score you want to assign to the unsubmitted item.

Click the Save button at the bottom of the window.

Once you click the Save button, the students’ names become active links.

Click on a student name to open the comments area for that student.

In this area, you can adjust points and insert comments back to the student. Click on Done or Next button to move on.

Status for Review:

  • If the submission was started by the student, and it is now finished, Review is available (as per settings).
  • If the submission was created by the instructor by adding a final score, but has no comments, review is not available.
  • If the submission was created by the instructor, and has a score as well as comments, then review is available (as per settings).

Status of Assessment:

  • If a student did not submit an assessment, and has a zero score, the status shows as ‘Did not complete” in AT&S and Course Map.
  • If a student started a submission or has a score greater than zero, then it will show as “Finished”.


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