Summary of Data


To access statistics, go to the grading page for the assessment.

Click on the Summary of Data link at the top of the page.

Summary of Data

You can get a summary of data that shows each question on an assessment:

  • What the question is
  • How many students answered the question
  • How many students chose each answer
  • What the correct answer(s) is
  • Answer key
  • How many students did not answer the question

If you had essay questions in your test or assignment, you will see the student responses in the summary of data, all in one page. Statistics - example1

Reviewing results for surveys

In addition to viewing results for tests and assignments, you can also see a summary of data for survey questions.  

However, to protect the anonymity of student responses in survey assessments, you cannot view survey results as they come in. You have to choose when to “View Results,” preferably after the survey is closed or all students have submitted.

Once you view the results in an open or still in-progress survey, no further submissions will be accepted. No redistribution of the survey is allowed, no changes in due / accept until dates, and no special access — all of which could make it possible to identify subsequent submissions. When all submissions have the exact same submission time, we can further protect the anonymity of the respondents.

Thus, under “Grading” in AT&S, you can see the status of a survey (i.e. if it’s open, if submissions are still in progress, or if it’s closed), and you can choose when to view the results. If the survey is still in progress, and you choose to view the results, you will receive two levels of warnings prior to proceeding with your actions. Any responses in progress will be automatically submitted.


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