Making Changes to Locked Assessments


When you publish an assessment, it is locked so that students can begin taking it. The version of the pool questions that were available at the moment it was published is locked, and further changes to the assessment affect only the assessment – not the master copy.

Unpublishing a test does not change its locked status. It simply removes it from the student view. To create a new, unlocked version of the assessment, use the ‘duplicate’ feature (far right of the row of the assessment), and delete the original locked version.

Regardless of the locked status, you can change many things in locked (published at one point) assessments:

  • Any wording modification can be made to any question in a locked assessment.
  • Any question that is part of the assessment can have the answer key changed.
  • The text of choices and other elements (i.e. feedback, hint, etc.) can be changed.
  • Missing or wrong points of a question in a locked assessment can be fixed. Etudes will regrade it automatically!
  • If the assessment was marked as not having points, this can be corrected.
  • Shuffling of choices can be checked or unchecked, after publication.
  • Submission type in essay and task questions can be changed (i.e. inline, attachments).
  • Questions can be re-ordered.
  • Parts can be re-ordered.
  • Part shuffling can be changed.
  • All settings can be changed (i.e. dates, tries, etc.).
  • All of the wording in an assessment’s components, such as title, part titles, instructions and part instructions, can be changed. 

Note: If you make corrections to questions in published / locked assessments, you must make the same changes under Question Pools. 

What you cannot change in locked assessments includes:

  • No question can be added or removed.
  • The number of questions drawn from a pool cannot be changed.
  • Once set to survey, the ‘type’ of assessment cannot be changed.
  • A question’s type (i.e. true / false) cannot be changed to another type.


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