Attaching Files to Assessment Questions


Essay and task questions include an attachment widget just below the question box which allows you to attach supportive documents to assignment and essay or task exam questions quickly.

There is no limit in the number of attachments. And there are no restrictions in file extensions.

Students submit attachments to you in the same way. Additionally, you can return documents back to students when grading their submissions by using the attachment widget that is available in these areas, too.

How to Attach Files using the Editor

You CAN add an attachment to other assessment question, test and part instructions, model answers, and other editors throughout the tool. Just follow these steps. It looks complicated, but it’s easier than it seems.

Step 1

Type your question text and select a word or two to be the link to the attachment. When students click on that link, the attachment will download.

Step 2

In the Insert/Edit link box, click on the little table-looking icon next to the Link URL box.

Step 3

In the search box that opens, click on Browse to locate the file you want to attach to the highlighted text.

That will close the search box and fill in the empty area with the path to that file. Simply click the Upload button.

Step 4

The file name is now listed in the bottom portion of the box in alphabetical order. Notice that images show a small thumbnail above their title, while other documents just show the document title.

Click on the title of the file you want to be attached, and then Done.

Step 5

You are returned to the Insert/edit link dialog box with the Link URL filled in. It’s a good idea to choose for Target to open link in a new window, and you should also give this file a Title.

Then click Insert at the bottom of the window.

Step 6

You can preview your question. The text you had highlighted is now a link. When students click on that link, the file will download for them.

You might want to put into your question instructions a paragraph about how they can click on the link to see the attached document.


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