Likert-Scale Question


Likert-scale questions are used to survey students on their opinions and beliefs and they do not have a right or wrong answer. Like all survey questions, likert-scale questions are always worth 0 points, even if they are in a pool with other assessment questions that have a point value. 

Type your question or stem in the Question box. The title is an optional field. 

add question text and title (optional)

On the Scale list, choose the scale that you want students to use to rate the question. For some questions, you may want them to choose from a wider range of values (strongly agree < — > strongly disagree), whereas in other questions, a Yes/No answer may be best.

    Scale options  

Other options for the question include checking reason and feedback.

Reason and feedback

If you check the Reason box, students will have a place where they justify their answer. Note that this will have no effect on their score unless you review their rationale for answer and manually adjust their point total.

The Feedback area is where you can enter additional clarification information on the concepts covered in this question. This feedback will be seen by all students when they review their submission (if enabled in settings).

Click on Done to complete the question and return to the list of questions in the pool, or click on Add Another to add this question to your pool and continue authoring more questions for the same pool.

At the bottom right corner of the question page, AT&S provides information with the unique question id, as well as information as to when and by whom the question was created and modified.   

historical data and id's


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