Question Ordering and Shuffling


Once you have added questions or draws to an assessment, you can order how you want them to appear for students. Set the number in the drop-down menus to set the order to the position you want.  

When you are finished, click on Done at the bottom of the page to return to your list of Assessments.

You will set the dates of the assessment, and publish your assessment from that page.

Shuffling or Preserving Order

Under the “Manage Parts” view, AT&S allows you to shuffle questions within a part.  

In the above example, the assessment is set to shuffle the components (questions and draws) of part 1, whereas in the second part, the two essay questions are set to be presented to students as authored or listed in the edit assessment view. If shuffle is not checked, then part details come in their order. 

As AT&S supports ‘hybrid’ parts (a part can consist of single questions and draws) that have the option to be shuffled or not, order is important. Part detail, for both manually selected or added questions and draws, is preserved.


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