Granting Special Access to Assessments


There may be times when you want to have different access privileges and settings for one or more students. This is particularly important for accommodating students with disabilities. Perhaps you have a student who needs extra time on an exam, or maybe someone has a great excuse for needing to take the exam at a different time than you’ve set. This feature allows you to be flexible and accommodating.

When that is the case, you’ll want to use the Special Access feature.

To access the Special Access feature, click on the small “head” icon on the right side of Assessment list. 


At first the Special Access page indicates none has been defined yet.

Click on the Add link.

Select the student to whom you are assigning special settings. If there is more than one to have the same settings, select them all.

Next, change the existing settings to indicate what should be special for this student. You can change more than one setting.

Finally, click the Done button at the bottom of the page to have the new settings take effect.

Upon clicking Done, you are returned to the Special Access list. Students you chose in step 1 above are now listed. Next to their names it shows what their new settings are.

Click on the Return button at the bottom of the page to go back to the Assessment List page.

Special Access While Grading 

While you are grading submissions, you may find the need to give special access to students (their submission was incomplete, etc.). On the right side of the page, next to each student, there is the little person special access icon. Click on it and the Special Access page will open directly for that student. Set the access options and click on Done.

The icon next to each student’s submission will show if they have already been granted special access privileges or not. If students have been granted special access privileges, the special access icon will have a magnifying glass, indicating that you can click on it to view the permissions. If the special access icon has a green add sign, it means that there are no permissions assigned for that student and you can click on it to grant special privileges.

Pending grading

You may also grant special access to a group of students from the Assessments view. The special access icon is located to the right of the dates of each assessment. Click on it to access the special access page for the assessment. Click on Add, and then select one or more students to give special access rights to. To select more than one student, hold down the CTRL key (or Apple key) while selecting students with your mouse.


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