Creating Surveys


AT&S supports creating, publishing, and administering surveys.

Although similar to other assessment types, surveys are different from tests, quizzes, and assignments in several ways:

  • Surveys have no answer key  
  • Surveys are never scored
  • Surveys are always anonymous
  • Once published, you cannot change a survey to test or assignment

Survey Questions

First, when creating a pool for survey questions, make it worth 0 points.

Mixed pool - with survey questions

Even if you enter a point value for a pool that contains survey questions (and possibly assessment questions), if the survey questions are used in a survey, no points will be assigned to any of the questions in the published survey.

It is best to create unique pools for survey questions.

When you create questions, you can mark it as a survey type by clicking on the survey check box. Survey questions, by design, will be worth 0 points, even if the question is in a pool that has a point value.

Check survey box

You will not be setting an answer key in survey questions, as there is no right or wrong answer on surveys.

It is acceptable to mix assessment questions and survey questions in a single pool. However, remember that any question marked as a survey will not have a point value, whereas assessment questions will be worth the point value of the pool. In other words, if you have a pool with a point value of 5, all Likert-Scale questions and all other survey questions will be worth 0 points, while assessment questions in the pool will be worth 5 points each.

When you look at a list of questions within a pool, the icon to the left of a question will indicate if the question is an assessment or survey question. You can have True/False, Multiple Choice, survey questions, etc. in a single pool.

Mixed pools - both question types

Create a Survey

Begin by clicking on the Assessments link at the menu bar, and then click the Add link.

Choose the Survey type and give this survey a title. Add instructions if you want.

The workflow for adding questions to surveys is the same as that of tests or assignments. You may author and add new questions, select existing questions, or draw random survey questions from your pools.

Add Draws in Surveys

If you click on Draw to add random survey questions to your Survey, you will all your pools. In the Draw fields on the left, enter in the number of survey questions you want to draw from a pool.

If you created a pool that includes assessment and survey questions, only the number of survey questions will be listed. Look at the number of questions available to find out the maximum you can draw from.

Since this has been identified as a survey, no points will be assigned.

Click Done when you’re finished.

Selecting Questions From Pools

To select survey questions that you have authored and stored in pools, click on the Select link. You will see a list of ALL your questions in ALL pools. You may decide to filter out questions to make it easier to find the ones you want. In addition to filtering by pool and type, you can filter to list only survey questions.

If you select and include assessment questions in your surveys, they will be like pop quizzes in the middle of the survey. However, remember that on a survey, these assessment questions will have no point value.

Check the box next to questions you want to include on your survey and click Done at the bottom.

If you want to reorganize the questions you’ve selected, use the drop-down number lists to sort.

If you click on Select again to choose more questions for your assessment, you’ll see check marks next to questions you’ve already chosen.

selected questions - manual

If you add another Draw, be sure not to go over the number of questions still available. If you do, you’ll get a warning sign indicating the problem. You’ll need to fix the incorrect draw number before continuing.

When you’re done creating your survey, click the Done button at the bottom of the page to return to the assessment list. Notice the unique icon for surveys in the “Type” column.

Assessment list options

Publish Survey

As with other types of assessments, when you’re finished creating a survey, you’ll need to publish it to make it available to your students. The procedure is the same as described in the prior section on publishing. Click the publish icon on the assessments list page, set your options, and click on the Publish button at the bottom of the page.

Differences between tests or assignments and surveys:

  • Once you’ve published a survey, you cannot change its type to test or assignment. This is to protect the anonymity of surveys.
  • There is no option to send grades to the Gradebook as surveys do not get scores. There is no right or wrong answer in surveys.
  • To protect the anonymity of student responses in survey assessments, you cannot view survey results as they come in. You have to choose when to “View Results,” preferably after the survey is closed or all students have submitted.

See “Summary of Data” under Grading of Assessments for more details.


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