Task Question


Task questions are identical to essay questions, except that they have an additional option under “Submission” types. The task question type is ideal for assignments that may include multiple components, one or more of which may not require students to submit something in Etudes.

For example, you may have an assignment titled “Research Project” that consists of a) a research paper, and b) an in-class presentation of the findings. You can create one assignment with an essay question for the research paper and a task question with ‘no submission is required for this question’ for the in-class presentation. This setup allows you to award unique points to students for each component (question) of the assignment, and give them feedback for each separately. 

How to Author Task Questions

In the Question box, type your question or task that students must complete online or off-line.The title is an optional field. 

add question text and title (optional)

If you want the question to be a survey type, check the survey box. There will be no correct/wrong answers and the question will be worth 0 points.  

check box to make question a survey

Under Submissions, check which method you’ll accept: inline, attachment or either. If students are not expected to submit something, choose the 4th option.

Submission options

The Model Answer area allows you to post an example model answer or solution, optionally. If you enter a model answer, it will be seen by students when they review how they did in their assessment, if enabled in settings

Model answer

Other options for the question include checking reason and adding hints and feedback.

reason, hints, and feedback

If you check the Reason box, students will have a place where they justify their answer. Note that this will have no effect on their score unless you review their rationale for answer and manually adjust their point total.

If you enter Hints in authoring, students will be able to view them WHILE they are taking the test, provided that you check “show hints” in the assessment settings. If “show hints” is enabled, students will be able to click on a link and they will see the hints you offered in an overlay pop-up window. 

show hints

The Feedback area is where you can enter additional clarification information on the concepts covered in this question. This feedback will be seen by all students when they review their submission (if enabled in settings).

Click on Done to complete the question and return to the list of questions in the pool, or click on Add Another to add this question to your pool and continue authoring more questions for the same pool.

At the bottom right corner of the question page, AT&S provides information with the unique question id, as well as information as to when and by whom the question was created and modified.   

historical data and id's


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