Test Driving Assessments


Once you’ve created an assessment, you can Test Drive it to see what the student experience will be.

In the links at the top of the window, click on Test Drive.

test drive

Alternatively, you can access Test Drive from a button at the bottom of the Publish / Settings view.

Summary - test drive option

The Test Drive list page looks just as it will to students.

Click on Ready to Begin in the Status column or on Begin under the assessment title to get started. The assessment will open up for you to take. It will be exactly the same experience that your students will have.

Test drive delivery

Test Driving Review

If you’ve set the assessment for immediate review feedback after submission, you will be able to review how you did right after you click the Finish button. Depending on the review options you’ve established, you may be able to review how you did immediately, after a specific date, or never. You may be able to review what you got right or wrong, and how many points you earned. How much you are able to review depends on the settings of the assessment.

Feel free to play around with the settings of your assessment and test-drive it to see what students will see in Review.


After reviewing your results, you will be returned to the Test Drive list of assessments.

Differences Between Test Drive and an Actual Student Experience

  • You can test drive unpublished assessments. Students don’t see unpublished assessments.
  • You can test drive an assessment as many times as you wish, regardless of the limit of tries you’ve set.
  • You can test drive assessments that are closed.
  • You will see your score in Review and list of assessments, but the score is not sent to the Gradebook.
  • Instructor attempts are not included in the Summary of Data (statistics).


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