Working with AT&S – Workflows


Assignments, Tests and Surveys (AT&S) is an assessment engine that enables you to author, publish, manage, grade, and administer tests, quizzes, assignments, surveys and other assessments. AT&S can be accessed by clicking on the Assignments, Tests & Survey link on the left menu of sites.

Students use AT&S to take assessments and review their scores and instructor’s evaluation comments.

The very first time you enter AT&S, it will look like the example below.

Empty site - with no assessments yet.

AT&S offers you a couple of different workflows. Depending on your needs or assessments that you need to build and assign in your course sites, you may find one or the other easier to work with.

Option 1: Working from the Assessments view:

  1. Go to Assessments and click on Add.
  2. Select the type of assessment you want to create: Test, Assignment, or Survey.
  3. Decide if your assessment will have points or not. By default, this setting is checked (set to be worth points).
  4. Click on “Add” to author a question (i.e. essay, true / false, etc.)
  5. Add point values to your questions.
  6. Preview and Test Drive your Assessment (Test Drive)
  7. Publish the assessment to make it available / visible to students.
  8. Once submissions have been received, grade student work (Grading)

Note: For assignments, one essay question may be all that you need. For tests, quizzes, exams, or surveys, you will probably need to add more than one question. Click on “Add Another” to keep adding questions to your assessment. The questions will also be added to a pool for you by the system automatically.

Option 2: Working from the Question Pools view:

If you plan to develop large question pools to select or draw from them in your assessments, you may find it more efficient to begin by building ‘banks’ of questions for each assessment that you administer.

The workflow of creating and administering assessments starting from the Question Pools area is as follows:

  1. Create question pools (Question Pools)  
  2. Add questions to question pools (Question Pools)
  3. Add an assessment (Assessments)
  4. Select or draw questions from your pools (Assessments)
  5. Test drive the assessment (Test Drive)
  6. If necessary, edit your questions (Question Pools or from Assessments)
  7. Publish the assessment (Assessments)
  8. Once submissions have been received, grade student work (Grading)


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