Course Map Overview


Course Map enables instructors to guide students through the learning process.

Instructor Benefits:

  • Help students navigate to course activities in the course site from one location.

  • Organize key course items into a learning path, grouped into units, weeks, etc.

  • Edit course items directly from Course Map.

  • Control the open and due dates of all items from one page.

  • Make access of course items dependent on completion of others (blockers).

  • Set mastery level that students must achieve prior to moving onto other items.

Student Benefits:

  • Stay on target with items and deadlines. See all due dates in one page.

  • Monitor progress: Completed items are listed with a green check , in-progress work is flagged with an ‘in-progress’ icon , etc.

  • Go to tasks (readings, tests, discussions, etc.) directly from Course Map (hot links). Can’t get lost in the site as easily.

  • Access scores and instructor’s grading feedback from Course Map.

Where is Course Map located?

Once enabled, Course Map will appear just below “Home” on your site’s left menu. It is enabled by default.

Do students have Course Map?

Yes, they do. It lists all the items that you see in your Course Map, except any unpublished, invisible or invalid ones. It allows students to see at a glance what they have done and must complete.

The students’ view of Course Map resembles your overview of student details in Activity Meter.

Please refer to the Student Quick-Start Guide of Course Map for details.

What preparation is needed to use Course Map?

At the most basic level, you don’t have to do anything for your students to benefit from Course Map!

Once added to your sites, Course Map will pick up (on its own) your syllabus, modules, gradable discussions, and assignments, tests and surveys – and it will list them in order, based on open date. The Syllabus will be listed first. Items with no open dates will be listed at the end.

As you add or remove items in modules, discussions and in AT&S, Course Map will adjust the list, automatically.

However, there are a few things that you could do to take full advantage of Course Map’s power. See next section.

What information is listed in Course Map?

Course Map lists the following from your course site:

  • Syllabus

  • Modules (except archived ones)

  • Discussions (gradable categories, gradable forums, and gradable topics)

  • Assignments, tests and surveys (except archived ones)
  • All published assessments, discussions and modules are listed in Course Map, including hidden ones. This is so that students have a complete list of the course’s work. Items with “hide until open” checked are listed, but are not accessible. They are displayed with their future dates.

Here is a sample view of Course Map with a few items from each of the above course components:

A green check Published item by the Syllabus, modules, assessments, or discussions indicates that they are published and accessible to students from Course Map.

A red icon inaccessible by the Course Map items indicates that they are not accessible to students.


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