Editing & Deleting Messages


Editing Topics and Replies

You can edit any message you write. The same applies to students. They have the ability to edit their own messages as many times as they choose, provided that the topic or forum is not locked. However, facilitators have the ability to edit any message, as there may be cases where a student’s inappropriate post should be revised (print a copy of the original).

To edit a message, click on the Edit button.


Additionally, facilitators have moderation privileges that allow them to lock/unlock messages, move messages, and delete messages.

Last Edited Feature

Added ‘last edited on mm/dd/yyyy, time’ for edited posts below avatar. The original date of the post is on subject line. This feature provides additional information to members as to whether a user has edited a post since it was originally posted. This is often used to determine adjusting scores or not. The last edited feature is available to all users – students, teaching assistants, and instructors.

Deleting Replies

Students cannot delete messages. Instructors can delete any post, unless it has grades associated with it.

If you have a reason to remove a reply, click on the located at the top upper right corner of a message. Please note that there is no undo! Once you delete the message, it is gone. It is not a good idea to delete messages, as they serve as a record and proof of what was said. If a post is offensive or inappropriate, edit a student’s response and contact them.


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