Using Emoticons


Since we have no verbal ways of expressing ourselves in a virtual class, consider using smilies to help clarify your meaning or to show the emotion behind your words. These “smilies” may appear silly, but students use them extensively and can help avoid misunderstanding. When posting new topics or messages, you have access to a small library of emoticons at the menu bar.

Resources on Netiquette

Valuable Strategies

  1. Reply with Quote. If you are responding to a particular paragraph or line within a longer text, you should quote that line or text within your reply for clarification.
  2. Use spell check. Particularly for formal, graded discussions, please use a word processing program to write the message, spell-check it, and then copy and paste it into the discussion board. 
  3. Use attachments wisely. If documents must be attached, save them in Rich Text Format, which can be viewed by many applications. For images, size them down for the web for faster downloading.
  4. It is considered RUDE to type in all caps. Although it does tend to get someone’s attention, it is really not a nice thing to do. It is the online equivalent of shouting


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