Grading by Forum


To enable grade by forum, follow these steps:

  • Go to Manage. This will take you to the Manage Forums screen.
  • Click on the Title of the forum whose topics you want to make gradable.
  • Scroll down and choose “By Forum” under Grading (see bottom of edit forum page).
  • Add the point value for the forum contributions.
  • Set the minimum number of posts required. 
  • You may also choose to send scores to the gradebook.
  • Save your changes.

You may add or remove the ‘send to gradebook’ check at any time and it will be reflected in the other grading views and in the gradebook. You may also set or change this setting in the individual student grading view or under the main forum grading view, should you choose to remove a forum and its scores from the gradebook later.

Minimum # of Post Required

In grading, instructors can see the number of posts that they required and compare it against the total number that students contributed.

Students and instructors can see how many posts or replies are required at the top of the page in a forum, topic, or category.


Dates of Posts

The date of the first and last post per student is listed. This is valuable information, particularly if you like to reward students who post on time or within a specific date range. 

The column headers are sortable (i.e. you can sort the posts by first or last post date).