Member Listing


You can view and contact any active member of a site by clicking on Member Listing on the top menu bar. As the purpose of Member Listing is to communicate and collaborate with other members of a course or project site, only “active” users are listed.

If email address is not available in a student’s Etudes account, this information known in Member listing. This is shown with an alert in the email icon (). This means that students with no email addresses will not receive your high-priority announcements or high-priority private messages.

You can also see who chose to hide their email address (). 

Here is a sample Member Listing page:

In the example, Vivie Sinou, the Instructor, has chosen to hide her email address, as she would rather not be contacted via email. In contrast, Jennifer Azzaro doesn’t mind if the class members contact her via email. Also, note that instructors are listed at the very top of the page.

What else can you see or do in Member Listing?

  • Click on a member’s name to access his or her profile.
  • Click on PM by a member’s name to send them a private message in the course site.
  • Click on the Email icon next on a user’s row to send them an email (if the user has an email and is not hidden)
  • If provided in their Account’s details, you can see where a member is from.
  • Use the numbers and next / previous links to navigate to additional site members. Each page lists 100.
  • Under the Posts column (far right of Member Listing), you can see how many total posts users have contributed in the site. For instructor roles, the number of posts is a hot link allowing you to view all of a student’s posts (across all discussions in a site) in one page.

    members all posts


If a user is a guest, added with an email address, and has no first or last name in the system, he or she will be shown as “Guest.” Once the user edits her/his account, the next time he/she logs on, his/her full name will be displayed instead of Guest. Likewise, if users modify their email address in their Account, the changes will take affect in the discussion tool next time a user logs back onto the site and returns to Member Listing.


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