Topic Management


If you need to adjust the settings of a topic, occasionally, the simplest approach is to click on its Edit button.

Edit a topic

Scroll down, adjust the settings, and click on Post.

Edit topic settings

However, if you need to adjust the settings of many re-usable or gradable topics, it’s much more efficient to work in Manage Topics.

Manage Topics

Click on Manage and then on Manage Topics to access this view.

You will see a list of your categories and the forums under each, and how many gradable and re-usable topics each forum has.

Manage Topics view

Click on a forum to access and manage its gradable or re-usable topics.

In one view, you an set or adjust dates, topic type, and grading options for all the topics of the forum.

Manage all topics of a forum

Click on Save when you are done.


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