Watch Forums


The watch feature can be used in conjunction with the “Do Not Send” setting for Discussions in Preferences. In other words, you may choose to not get email notifications of new discussion topics, but you can ‘watch’ specific forums of your choice in your course sites. 

Click on “Watch Forum” at the home page of the forum that you want to get notifications for new items. If you choose to watch a forum, you will get notified via email when new topics get posted and when there are replies to existing topics. You will get notified once per topic.

After you visit a topic and read it, you will get notified again when there is a new reply since your last visit.

When you click on “Watch Forum”, the link changes to “Unwatch Forum” (it’s like a toggle switch).

If you no longer want to get notified of new topics and replies, simply return to the forum and click on “Unwatch Forum” link.

If you want to watch just some topics in a forum, then you want to “Unwatch Forum” and use the “Watch Topic” feature, instead. 

The notification setting in Preferences for discussions controls topic notification. If set to “Send Each Separately,” you get notified when new topics get posted across all of your sites. If this is enabled and you choose to watch a forum, you will get notified for new topics and replies.

Email notifications get sent to the email address associated with your Etudes account (see Account up top to change the email address).

Note: Students who are dropped from a course no longer receive notifications, even if they had set forums to be ‘watched’.


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