Watch Topics


If you click on “Watch” at the top of a topic, you will be notified via email when replies get posted. The email notifications will go to the email address included in your Etudes account. This is a useful feature if you want to keep an eye on a discussion that might otherwise get buried.

This feature can work in conjunction with the “Do Not Send” setting for Discussions in Preferences. In other words, you may choose to not get email notifications of new discussion topics, but you can ‘watch’ select topics of your choosing.

If you no longer want to get notified of new replies, simply return to the topic and click on “Unwatch Topic” at the top of the list.


You will no longer receive email notification.

Lastly, if you have chosen “Do Not Send” in Preferences, but click on ‘notify me of a reply’ to a topic, you will get notified.

Note: Students who are dropped from a course no longer receive notifications, even if they had set topics to be ‘watched’.