Paste and Import Tests from eCollege


Note: Please work with a supported browser: Latest version of Firefox, Chrome, or IE (older versions of IE will not work).

  1. To make this process efficient, open two browser windows:

    1. In one log into with your instructor account.
    2. In the second, log into your eCollege with your instructor account.
  2. While logged into eCollege, go the first course whose tests you’d like to copy onto Etudes.

    1. Click on a test or quiz to access it.
    2. Click on Author
    3. Click on Expand All [This is a very important step. Without it, no questions will import into Etudes. Expanding the questions allows you to copy the choices and answer keys onto Etudes].
    4. Go to the very top of the quiz and click in front of the title, hold the mouse down, and drag all the way to the very end of the quiz to highlight it.
    5. With the whole test highlighted (including the title), hold the Control key down and press C for ‘copy’ (or Apple Key + C for Mac users). Now, you can paste it into Etudes.
  3. Go to your browser window.

    1. Go to the site that you’d like to import the test into.
    2. Click on Assignments, Tests and Surveys.
    3. Click on Question Pools.
    4. Click on Import.
    5. Click on the second option “Paste eCollege Questions & Import”.
    6. Place your cursor inside the box and click on Control + V to paste. (or Apple key + V).
    7. Don’t edit anything in the box. Just click on OK at the bottom.

You are done!

Etudes will have created a question pool (test bank) and a quiz to match what you had in your eCollege course.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for every test you want to bring into Etudes.


Note: eCollege does not export point values, so Etudes assigns the default value of each question to 1. You can change the point value of your test questions when you click on it to edit it.


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